{Cam- One Month}


Like Mom told you in her last post each month I (Cam) will be updating you each month about what has been going on in my life. I am excited to finally get to use some technology in this big ole’ world.

Mom already told you how I made my grand appearance, but a lot has happened in my life since then. The day we left the hospital we made a long trip to our new home. Mom and Dad were concerned about me riding in a car seat for the first time for a long period of time, but I conquered that road trip like a champ and didn’t make a peep! We did make one stop along the way because it was time for me to eat. Guess where the first place mom fed me besides the hospital was…the back of a McDonald’s parking lot.

Since I mentioned eating I might as well tell you that I like to eat a LOT! I’m thankful Mom and Dad opted for Mom to give me the “liquid gold” as the way of feeding me. I am also glad that Mom and I figured things out in that area rather quickly.

We made it to Jasper and spent our first night in our new house as a family of 3. We had some nice new friends bring us dinner that night and every other night for our first 2 weeks here. It was really nice of our church family to do that for Mom and Dad.

I have gotten used to our new home and love it. My daily routine typically consists of eating, playing on the floor with Mom, sleeping, and repeat. I play with Dad when he comes home for lunch and at night.


Speaking of night, I was really glad when my umbilical cord came off so I could try out my cool bathtub. Mom had been washing my head and I really liked that, so getting all the way down to my birthday suit with water over me sounded exciting!

I like to just sit in the tub, look around, and let Mom scrub me down.

One particular night I got so relaxed in the tub that after Dad wrapped me up in my towel I decided to relax my bowels all the way and leave him a nice surprise. Haha! He didn’t think it was as funny Mom and I found it. 🙂


(3 seconds after this picture was taken is when I let it all go..surprise!)

We have had a lot of visitors over to our new place. We have had friends from church, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and a couple of friends from Mom and Dad’s old home, Auburn, come see me. Apparently I’m a big deal and people like to hold me a lot. I was fine with all the holding of me for a few days, but when I got passed around too much I decided to let Mom and Dad know in a new way. They thought I was forming colic because of how I carried on, but there is this thing called “being over stimulated” and I do not like it. Because of how I acted it brought Mom to tears a few times because she couldn’t console me. My doctor reassured her that I do not have colic but that I just didn’t need to be passed around so much.


(Mom caught me in the act and has decided to give me a paci instead now)

Mom and I have been venturing out into town more and more between my feedings during the day. I’m a big fan of my stroller..just call Mom my chauffeur. She has taken me on a few Wal-Mart and mall trips. People always stop her to get a look of me.

I do get the hiccups and sneeze quite a bit. The picture below shows how I feel about hiccups..


Mom and Dad took me to Birmingham last weekend because they wanted to learn how to become a better parent from Paul Tripp. (I’m glad they went because they really needed to hear what he had to say!) On that trip I got to meet some of their friends from Lakeview. I got to meet two of my friends, Haddon and Eden, too. Next weekend we are going to the Lakeview reunion in Auburn and I get to meet a lot more of their friends that have been waiting to see me. They talk about their time at Lakeview a lot, so it must be a real special place.

I had my one month check up today and I weighed 9 lbs 10 oz and measured 22 inches long. The doc was impressed with my growth and everything was going well during the appointment until something awful happened. It affected Mom as much as it affected me.

I was minding my own business and just looking around the room and all of the sudden the worst pain of my life thus far hit me…that mean ole’ nurse stuck me with a needle. Can you believe she would want to cause me that much pain as cute as I am?? I will be a man and tell you that I did cry and Mom almost cried too. (Rumor has it that I will get 4 of those stinkin’ things next month..don’t tell Mom though because she will not be able to handle it.)DSC_0292

I’ve grown so much that mom had to start putting 3 month clothes only on me this past week. So no more newborn clothes for me, which I’m glad because it was getting tiresome covering up my belly all the time.



We celebrated Mom and Dad’s birthdays this month and I decided to do something special for my main woman. Check out what I got her for her birthday below.. 🙂 I would have done the same for Dad but he was with the youth at the beach for his birthday. You can call his gift from me a full night’s sleep for a few days. 😉


(Didn’t I do good??)

Lastly, the million-dollar question must be answered for all of you: How am I sleeping at night? For a while Mom was waking me up every 3 hours to eat to get back up to my birth weight. After I passed my birth weight mark she finally let me start waking up on my own to eat at night. She has appreciated the extra sleep as much as I have. I now wake up anywhere between every 3.5-5 hours at night. I heard that I should start sleeping longer at night in the coming months. Mom and Dad hope I keep more towards the waking every 5 hours way of things.

I like to sleep on my side or at an incline mostly. Dad likes to sneak me onto his chest if I am “having trouble going to sleep”. He can call it whatever he wants but we just like to cuddle together.

IMG_4203(Like father, like son)

Well, that’s all for now folks..catch you up on life next month!