The End of Our Waiting…

Well as most of your know the wait for the Mathii is over! Praise be unto the Lord! He answered our prayers and your prayers in His time and in His great and mighty way! We are SO excited to be a part of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Jasper, AL! Tim is now the new student minister of Mt. Vernon.

For those of you who know our story, you know that we started putting in Tim’s resume and talking with churches in November of last year. That might seem early to some people because he didn’t graduate until mid-May, but looking back at things now we are glad we started the process so early and we are thankful that no other church worked out because it is God’s plan that we be at Mt. Vernon. In hindsight you can the Lord’s hand in every step of our lives in the past 7 months. We see now why God has chosen for us to be Mt. Vernon and we are thrilled about the work ahead of us at this awesome church!

We can finally tell everyone what this process of how Tim started the process with Mt. Vernon the first week of May. We found out about this church through me looking at the Alabama Baptist staffing website. We had been in the talks with several churches throughout the semester, but had not heard from any church the two weeks prior to May. So, being the planner I am I was curious to see what could possibly be out there for us and got to searching. (Ha!) Tim came home that day and I told him there were several full-time student pastor positions available and showed him their websites. He decided to go out on a limb and email the pastor of Mt. Vernon and send his resume. Tim didn’t think he would hear back from him because we hadn’t heard back from many other pastors/churches during this process of searching. BUT! Brother John emailed him back the next day and told him he would call him that week. And he did call him! (We are thankful during this whole process that Brother John actually did what he said he would do. You have no idea how encouraging that was to us!)

When Bro. John called Tim we were at our favorite restaurant, Chicken Salad Chick, to grab some lunch. Tim’s phone started ringing and we saw that it was a Jasper, AL number and I told him, “You gotta answer it! I’ll get our food.” I ended up eating lunch by myself that day because of the conversation they had and it was well worth me eating by myself that day. (Haha!) Bro. John told Tim that he would give his resume to the search committee and wanted to have lunch sometime the next week. Well, the next week Tim met him for lunch in Birmingham for a few hours. Within that conversation he found out the search committee would be calling his references that week and the ball started rolling for us at this point. By this point we were getting to mid-May and we were on Lakeview’s staff retreat when we found out the committee voted for us to come for a Wednesday to interview and for Tim to preach to and hang out with the youth group. We traveled to Jasper on June 11th and had a great day of getting to know the people of Mt. Vernon. The next day we drove around Jasper and Curry to see what the area had to offer and look at some possible homes and see the lake. It was during these 2 days that we grew in our affections for this church and community. We could see ourselves being a part of the ministry, church, and town.

It was one week later that Tim got the phone call that the committee voted for us to come for a weekend to meet with committees and for the church to vote on Tim to be new the student minister. Talk about a great phone call!! We were overjoyed to find out this information! Through every step of this process I could see the burden of having a job being lessened on my husband. Finally, we traveled once again to Jasper this past Friday to meet with a real estate agent to start looking at homes so that we could have some idea of what we wanted if the vote went through Sunday night. Saturday was full of meeting with various committees including the children, personnel, youth, and stewardship committees. We were able to meet more of the youth and some youth parents that night through an open gym and dinner night. In all of these meetings Tim was asked a lot of questions of what our ministry would like and what events we wanted to do with and through the youth. Sunday came around and we were introduced during both morning services and were a part of the young couples Sunday school class. We had lunch with the staff and their wives and were able to rest for a little bit that afternoon. Then, we met with the deacons for a meeting and then the youth for a question and answer time for them to get to know Tim better.

For the Sunday night service Tim shared his testimony, call to ministry, and what we desire to do for the Lord through ministry with the church body. After that we were sent to the library for the church to conduct a business meeting to vote on whether to call us to the church or not. It was an exciting, yet peaceful 35 minute wait. 🙂 One of the search committee members came to get us and told what the vote was and we were brought before the church body and gladly accepted the position of minister of students!! Ahhh!! 🙂 The works of Tim’s labor and diligence to the Lord finally came to fruition in that moment. Not only did it come to fruition for us, but it came to fruition for the search committee because they have been on the search for a student pastor for almost 2 years.

We spent Monday and Tuesday looking at more houses and ironing out some details of what things will be like until we close on a house. Our new church family has embraced us and are doing so much for us to make our transition as easy as possible, especially since we will have a newborn on our hands VERY SOON! We have a place to store our things and fully furnished to basement to live in until we can move into our own home. SO thankful!! Our plan is to move there as soon as our boy makes his grand arrival!

We want to thank you for your faithful prayers during this time of looking and searching for a church home. We thank you for your encouragement throughout the waiting. We are in great debt to our family and friends who have allowed us to stay in their homes since May because we have been quite the nomads the past 2 months. 🙂 Again, thank you for everything!!