#WeTheVillage T-Shirt Fundraiser


What does this mean? We have been saying since before we even started the adoption process that it would take a village, our village, to get our next baby home. It is going to take a lot of prayer, support, encouragement, and money to make this happen for us. We know it won’t be easy and it is a process BUT with your help it WILL happen!

So, #WeTheVillage was born. We included it on our next fundraiser, which is our t-shirts! By you buying this shirt, you are helping us raise money to bring home Baby Mathis #3, saying that you are a part of our village, and bringing awareness to adoption by wearing this shirt wherever you go.

The back of the shirt has an outline of the United States because our little baby will come from somewhere within the lines of this map. And within the map we have a heart where Alabama would be to represent us and our family and the Bible verses Ephesians 1:4-6, which says: “In love he predestined us for adoption to himself as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will, to the praise of his glorious grace, with which he has blessed us in the Beloved.”

As far as this super cool t-shirt goes, we tried our best to make it as gender neutral as possible while also making it stand out and look awesome! This shirt is available in youth sizes through adult sizes. The cost is $20 and if you’re not local to us then $2 will be added for shipping purposes. Please let me or Tim know if you want one, how many, and what sizes you will need! Orders will be taken until February 14th!

We desire for everyone to be involved in our adoption in whatever way that may be-praying for us, the birth mother, and our new little one, sending words of encouragement our way, helping us connect with other adoptive families, and taking part in our fundraisers. And as always, please feel free to ask questions you may have about our adoption and we will be happy to answer!

A Little Q & A

I wanted to answer a few questions that other have been asking us since announcing that we are adopting. And please feel free to ask any and all questions because we would love to answer them!

Also, we would love to thank everyone that has pledged money per mile for our first fundraiser! Every single cent given helps to bring the next Mathis baby home to us!

So… let’s get started!

Are we planning to adopt domestically or internationally? This adoption will be a domestic adoption. And if you don’t know what that means, that’s totally okay! That means that our baby will come from somewhere in the U.S.!

How much will our adoption cost? We are looking at a total of $38,000 to $43,000 plus our application fee and traveling expenses of getting our new and sweet little one. This price covers agency fees, legal fees, care for the birth mother, and hospital costs.

Will we be specific in any area of what baby we want to adopt? We are planning on being gender specific in adding another precious boy to our tribe, but we are open to all races.

What age will our sweet one be? We hope and desire to adopt a newborn. We would love to travel to the hospital and be there while he is born or at least shortly after.

Will be having any other fundraisers? Yes, and soon after Tim completes the Dopey Challenge/ Dopey For Dough Fundraiser! We plan to have t-shirts for sale, a silent auction/dinner, a 5k/fun run, and more!

I think those are the main questions we have had so far, but like I mentioned earlier here..please do not hesitate to ask us any questions. You guys are our village and this will only happen with your love, prayers, and support!

And if you are wanting to help with our first fundraiser, Dopey For Dough, you can go to this link and fill out the form there: bit.ly/dopey4dough.


Dwelling in Him,

Tim, MaeLee, Cam, & EmmaLee-Tyler

We’re Adopting!!

Before MaeLee and I ever met, the Lord placed a burden in both of our hearts for the ministry of adoption. It’s such a clear picture of the Gospel. In Ephesians 1:3-6 Paul talks about the adoption we have received from God. We were spiritual orphans, unable to fend for ourselves, and God intervened by doing what we couldn’t; Taking away our sin. When we adopt, we are able to show others that love God showed us when he sent his son Jesus. For whatever reason we both sensed that God was calling us to adopting in our future.

So it didn’t take long when we began courting to get around to the question of children, and more specifically, adoption. One of the ways we were confident God was leading us towards marrying one another was because of this common bond. All that to say adoption has been on our radar for a long time. We have watched and supported friends go through that process and have been waiting for the right time to embark on that journey ourselves. Through many conversations and prayers we are confident this is our time to start the process of adopting. We plan to adopt through Faithful Adoption Consultants (FAC). We have heard great testimony from those who have used their services. You can see there website [https://www.faithfuladoptionconsultants.com/]. Needless to say this is going to be a long road filled with twists and turns and we will need our strong support system of family and friends to help us along the way. One of the biggest helps we will need along the way is financial support. The adoption process is an expensive one and there is no way we can do it alone. Those of you who help us along this journey will truly be a part of our family forever!

First Support Opportunity 

As you may know I have been training for several months now for something called the Dopey Challenge. The Dopey Challenge consist of four races over the course of four days (January 4-7) totaling 48.6 miles (that’s a 5k, 10k, half-marathon, and full marathon). We have decided to make this our first fundraiser for our adoption. We are asking people to pledge money per mile I complete in these runs (i.e. $1 per mile would be a total donation of $48.60, assuming I finish each race). If you would like to pledge money per mile you can fill out this google form http://bit.ly/dopey4dough or private message MaeLee or me. Also, feel free to contact either of us if you have any questions!

We’re looking forward to you coming along this journey with us!

Counting all things loss,

Timothy, MaeLee, Cam, and EmmaLee-Tyler

Nearing the End..37 Weeks

Yesterday officially marked us at 37 weeks! Wow! This pregnancy has flown by in the grand view of things, but has really slowed down for me since May. Being out of my internship with not much to keep me busy has dragged things along. I feel like the more people ask us how much longer the longer it takes to go by. Ha! We have been blessed to make it this far in the pregnancy without any major complications or setbacks.

At 37 weeks Cam should be about 6.5 pounds (give or take) and close to 20 inches long (again, give or take). We should have a better idea of his weight come Thursday this week. The doctor wants to check my amniotic fluid and Cam’s weight to make sure my blood pressure isn’t affecting his growth. At my doctor’s appointment last week, everything went well except it had to be around 100 degrees in there because their a/c was broken! What worse place for an a/c to break than a doctor’s office full of pregnant women in the summer time?! 🙂 I had another non-stress test and again it was so great to listen to his heart rate for so long. We are pretty sure Cam gets scared when I laugh because his heart rate always jumps up at first then goes back down after he realizes what the sound is. 🙂

My blood pressure has been consistently running high and I’m doing all I can to stay sitting most of the day. I cannot imagine how high it would be if I was actually active. I check my blood pressure throughout the day and take extra doses of medication to try to knock it down some, but the extra doses of meds are starting to not work anymore. With all that said, I have known since before I was pregnant with my heart condition and blood pressure issues that the doctors wouldn’t let me go the full 40 weeks due to the strain it would put on me and the baby. So with another ultrasound, non-stress test, and regular check-up, I have a really long doctor’s appointment this week and we should be given a date that they will induce me.

It is absolutely crazy to think about, almost unfathomable, how out little man could be here ANY DAY now!! We are so ready to see him and hold him. I cannot wait to steal his first kiss and love on him! I’ve been trying to tell him that he can come out and play any time now. 🙂 He has been head down for a while now and things are progressing well for him to get this show on the road and come into the world. We ask that you pray for a safe delivery and healthy baby and mom.

Again, thank you for your prayers for us during this time of transition and getting prepared to move to a new place. We are officially in a contract for our new home and the home inspection should be happening in the next couple of days. Pending the inspection we should be good to go and get things moving along in closing on the house. We are hoping and praying that it moves along faster than other closings because there is no one living in the home and it would make it easier on us to move in as quickly as possible.

We are excited and thrilled about all of these things happening in our lives and trying to remain excited about them without becoming overwhelmed of everything happening at once. 🙂

The End of Our Waiting…

Well as most of your know the wait for the Mathii is over! Praise be unto the Lord! He answered our prayers and your prayers in His time and in His great and mighty way! We are SO excited to be a part of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Jasper, AL! Tim is now the new student minister of Mt. Vernon.

For those of you who know our story, you know that we started putting in Tim’s resume and talking with churches in November of last year. That might seem early to some people because he didn’t graduate until mid-May, but looking back at things now we are glad we started the process so early and we are thankful that no other church worked out because it is God’s plan that we be at Mt. Vernon. In hindsight you can the Lord’s hand in every step of our lives in the past 7 months. We see now why God has chosen for us to be Mt. Vernon and we are thrilled about the work ahead of us at this awesome church!

We can finally tell everyone what this process of how Tim started the process with Mt. Vernon the first week of May. We found out about this church through me looking at the Alabama Baptist staffing website. We had been in the talks with several churches throughout the semester, but had not heard from any church the two weeks prior to May. So, being the planner I am I was curious to see what could possibly be out there for us and got to searching. (Ha!) Tim came home that day and I told him there were several full-time student pastor positions available and showed him their websites. He decided to go out on a limb and email the pastor of Mt. Vernon and send his resume. Tim didn’t think he would hear back from him because we hadn’t heard back from many other pastors/churches during this process of searching. BUT! Brother John emailed him back the next day and told him he would call him that week. And he did call him! (We are thankful during this whole process that Brother John actually did what he said he would do. You have no idea how encouraging that was to us!)

When Bro. John called Tim we were at our favorite restaurant, Chicken Salad Chick, to grab some lunch. Tim’s phone started ringing and we saw that it was a Jasper, AL number and I told him, “You gotta answer it! I’ll get our food.” I ended up eating lunch by myself that day because of the conversation they had and it was well worth me eating by myself that day. (Haha!) Bro. John told Tim that he would give his resume to the search committee and wanted to have lunch sometime the next week. Well, the next week Tim met him for lunch in Birmingham for a few hours. Within that conversation he found out the search committee would be calling his references that week and the ball started rolling for us at this point. By this point we were getting to mid-May and we were on Lakeview’s staff retreat when we found out the committee voted for us to come for a Wednesday to interview and for Tim to preach to and hang out with the youth group. We traveled to Jasper on June 11th and had a great day of getting to know the people of Mt. Vernon. The next day we drove around Jasper and Curry to see what the area had to offer and look at some possible homes and see the lake. It was during these 2 days that we grew in our affections for this church and community. We could see ourselves being a part of the ministry, church, and town.

It was one week later that Tim got the phone call that the committee voted for us to come for a weekend to meet with committees and for the church to vote on Tim to be new the student minister. Talk about a great phone call!! We were overjoyed to find out this information! Through every step of this process I could see the burden of having a job being lessened on my husband. Finally, we traveled once again to Jasper this past Friday to meet with a real estate agent to start looking at homes so that we could have some idea of what we wanted if the vote went through Sunday night. Saturday was full of meeting with various committees including the children, personnel, youth, and stewardship committees. We were able to meet more of the youth and some youth parents that night through an open gym and dinner night. In all of these meetings Tim was asked a lot of questions of what our ministry would like and what events we wanted to do with and through the youth. Sunday came around and we were introduced during both morning services and were a part of the young couples Sunday school class. We had lunch with the staff and their wives and were able to rest for a little bit that afternoon. Then, we met with the deacons for a meeting and then the youth for a question and answer time for them to get to know Tim better.

For the Sunday night service Tim shared his testimony, call to ministry, and what we desire to do for the Lord through ministry with the church body. After that we were sent to the library for the church to conduct a business meeting to vote on whether to call us to the church or not. It was an exciting, yet peaceful 35 minute wait. 🙂 One of the search committee members came to get us and told what the vote was and we were brought before the church body and gladly accepted the position of minister of students!! Ahhh!! 🙂 The works of Tim’s labor and diligence to the Lord finally came to fruition in that moment. Not only did it come to fruition for us, but it came to fruition for the search committee because they have been on the search for a student pastor for almost 2 years.

We spent Monday and Tuesday looking at more houses and ironing out some details of what things will be like until we close on a house. Our new church family has embraced us and are doing so much for us to make our transition as easy as possible, especially since we will have a newborn on our hands VERY SOON! We have a place to store our things and fully furnished to basement to live in until we can move into our own home. SO thankful!! Our plan is to move there as soon as our boy makes his grand arrival!

We want to thank you for your faithful prayers during this time of looking and searching for a church home. We thank you for your encouragement throughout the waiting. We are in great debt to our family and friends who have allowed us to stay in their homes since May because we have been quite the nomads the past 2 months. 🙂 Again, thank you for everything!!

32 Weeks with Mr. Cam Mathis

It has been a while since posting an update on the Mathii and our pregnancy. We have had a very busy past month of life! We have traveled to Gatlinburg, Louisville, Eufaula, Auburn, and now we are currently residing in Goodway. We have both officially graduated from our schools, Auburn University and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Post-graduation party


(Isn’t he such a cutie??) 🙂


With Bro. Al and Mrs. Kem after Tim’s graduation

We have moved out of our first home by filling up a 24 foot U-Haul, placed all of our belongings in a friend’s garage in Eufaula, and we are now living out of 3 suitcases in my parent’s home in Goodway.


My man was also ordained as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ our last day at Lakeview. It was a bittersweet day full of a mix of emotions and tears. It will be a day that neither of us forget.


We experienced several hiccups within our travels around the southeastern states with one of our vehicles. We also have learned a lot about ourselves, patience (By the way..if you pray for patience expect to be tested!) , and how to properly handle certain situations due to these hiccups.

Within the past month we also had our families throw us great baby showers for Mr. Cam. We were able to receive lots of nice and great things for our little boy. Also, we can officially state that Cam should arrive NEXT MONTH!! How crazy is that??

10336723_10202823945812295_3506277857521398626_n 10336757_10202823949292382_2187377167740094378_n

From our shower in Eufaula

Door hanger for the hospital


10390310_890971944251617_4856276342646811309_nBaby shower in Goodway

Speaking of our boy, he is the MOST active child I know! He never (never, ever) stops moving!! Doctors say how active your child is in the womb is a reflection of their personality and how active they will be after they arrive. If this is true..Tim and I are in for a WILD ride with this little guy! 🙂

Cam is 32 weeks and growing every day. He should be measuring around 17 inches long and about 4 lbs!!! This is crazy to think about or fathom considering he started off the size of a sesame seed! We are so ready for him to be here so he can hold him, hug him, and kiss him. 🙂

If you came to read this post wanting to know what the next step for us will be, then we ask that you pray for us next Wednesday (June 11th) afternoon and night. We can give you the full details if you contact us directly. We truly do covet your prayers during this time of waiting on the Lord. This has been a time of rest and relaxation for us, but also somewhat stress because we really do not when or where we may be moving. The stress is added as we have a child that technically come any day now. So, please pray for us and Cam in the time being.

25 Weeks and Post-Graduation Update

Wow..25 weeks of being pregnant. This has probably been the fastest season of life I have ever been in. I am sure it seems faster because how crazy busy this semester of school/internship has been.

Our sweet boy is growing, growing, and growing daily! It has been so neat to be able to see him grow with each ultrasound and know he is growing by how strong his movements are becoming. I mean the boy has some muscles! When he has a lot of energy to move one kick/punch will shift one side of my abdomen! I’m sure that he is becoming crammed already due to my short torso, but he probably doesn’t realize he still has to stay in there a while longer. 🙂



Cam weighs about the same as a rutabaga this week, which is around 1.5 lbs. He is also about 13.5 inches long. From what we can tell from his ultrasounds, he is going to inherit his mom’s long legs. 🙂 He also should have his very own set of fingerprints this week! He is still responding to my voice and music, which is awesome.

There are some very sweet ladies hosting our first baby shower this weekend and I’m really looking forward to it. I pray that these ladies will always have a role in Cam’s life as they have had a role in my life. 🙂


Now on to my other fella..the bearded older one. 🙂 Tim is graduating one month from TODAY! Wowzers! Speaking of things flying by..our 3 years at Lakeview has flown by as well.

We are still on the job search as things have fallen through multiple times now with other churches. BUT God is sovereign and seems to constantly open new doors for us. There has been 2 new developments for us in the past 2 days.

So, I ask that you pray with us and these churches’ search committees. Pray that they will find the right man of God for their position. Pray for us that we will continue to be patient and learn what God is trying to teach us through this process/season. We want to serve where the Lord wants us to serve. I also ask that you specifically pray for my precious, precious husband as he is the one carrying this burden for our household and that I may be an encouragement to him through all of this. 


With my Spring Break coming to a close today I have been extremely thankful for my time off to spend with Tim and become reenergized for our final weeks in Auburn. I have been able to sleep in, exercise, watch TV, and spend time with friends all the while seeing Tim all throughout the day this week.

With all this week off Tim and I have been able to have a lot of good conversations of what life will/should look like after our season of life in Auburn is over. It will be so very bittersweet. We have learned immeasurable amounts of knowledge since being here and being in the Lakeview intern program. And our time here has flown by!

I have 4 weeks left of internship and less than 5 weeks until I graduate from Auburn! Tim has less than 7 weeks until his graduation! Our expected last Sunday at Lakeview is May 11th, which is also the day Tim will, Lord willing, be ordained.

The million dollar question of “What are you guys doing after graduation?” still remains unanswered as of right now. We know we will more than likely leave Auburn ASAP due to our support coming to a close and without an income we cannot sustain ourselves in Auburn. So, if there isn’t an immediate ministry opportunity available we will move in with family or friends until so. We especially hope to have a ministry to take part in before Cam makes his arrival. 🙂

The next money question is “Are you excited for what lies ahead after May?” To answer that question we are excited about not having school responsibilities, but we would be head over heels excited once we have a job lined up and to look forward to. 🙂

We anticipate with gladness this new season of life to come and unfold for us! We ask that you continue to pray for the door to be opened to us in God’s timing. Thank you to those who ask us/pray for us about the next stage of life because we know that you care about us.

My Boy, Cam.

Dear Cam,

I want you to know that you were longed for. You were prayed for and still are. You are a gift from our God! We are excited for you to be a part of this Mathis family. We cannot wait to hold you in our arms. You are precious to us and always will be. You are MY son, MY boy, and MY baby!

I do not know why God chose me to be your mom, but I am so thankful and grateful that He did. I get to teach you things that He has taught me. I get the blessed opportunity to teach you about God’s grace and mercy, His Son, Jesus’ death and resurrection, and how He has saved me, your Dad, and can do the same for you. Your Dad and I pray daily that you recognize that you are a sinner early in life, realize your need for a Lord and Savior, and repent and believe as soon as you can understand all of these things.

You are now 22 weeks old and as I type this letter you are moving around inside of me. According to my BabyCenter app, you are the size of a spaghetti squash and 11 inches long. You are active most of the time, especially in the evenings and nights. I can tell you are getting stronger and stronger every day. Your Dad finally got to feel you kick/punch yesterday morning. He had been trying for a while to feel you and you would stop moving every time he tried to feel you. But thankfully we remedied that!



You were exactly 1 pound yesterday during our ultrasound. You were laying sideways with your face downward. We have yet to get a good view of your face because of how you lay down and always have your fists near your face. You look like your ready to fight someone all the time. And by how hard you punch and kick inside me, I say you would win any fight you were in!

Your Dad and I will continue to pray for you and long for the day of your arrival. During the mean time we hope to find a new town/city and a home to raise you in. There are many exciting days ahead of the Mathis family in the coming weeks and months but YOU, my son, are what/who we are looking the most forward to meeting and being with.

With all my love,


The Million Dollar Question.

I cannot tell you all just HOW excited I am that my semester will pretty much be over on FRIDAY. This FRIDAY! With that said, I am going to miss my sweet and precious students like crazy. I have very much so became attached to these little guys, but I know it will be like this with each set of students I am blessed to teach.

I do not have class at all this week, which has its ups and downs to it, but all in all it is good. I have pretty much finished one of the last two projects I have left. Other than that, I have one final and orientation for internship when we get back from Thanksgiving break. Whoo hoo!!

Now that I’ve said all of this you might be wondering about the title of this post: “The Million Dollar Question”. Tim and I have been asked this question more and more as the semester has come to an end and THAT question is: What are you guys doing after you graduate? 

I am so glad that everyone is concerned and curious about our future, but the truth of the matter is that we have no answer to this question. We are just placing our trust in the Lord to tell us the ministry that we will work with next in His timing. Although the planner in me would like to know now, I trust God in and through this season of life. If you would like to pray for us during this time, we would very much appreciate your prayers.

And finally, I want to share a few pictures with you from our second anniversary picture session that our friend, Morgan Jones, did for us. 🙂

Year 2-12_edited-1 Year 2-18_edited-2 Year 2-26_edited-1 Year 2-24_edited-1 Year 2-3