The Men Who Shaped Me

There are probably only a couple of people in my life who know my whole story of my past and what my childhood was like. The earliest memory that I have is the night my father left my mom, me and my brother. Father’s Day always makes me think about that night because it is a night I will never forget.
It was a very pivotal moment in my life. I will never forget the yelling, pushing, and fighting that I saw. I will never forget my PawPaw knocking on our door unexpectedly, yet thankfully, in midst of the chaos that was happening. I will never forget my Gran-Gran hurriedly walking me and my brother across the road to her house during all that so we wouldn’t watch the rest of it unfold. I will never forget waiting for my Mom to come to my grandparents’ house to make sure she was okay and telling me that my father had left for good.
I was just three years old when this happened but yet I remember it so well and it has shaped a lot of who I am today. My parents divorced later that year.
Thankfully my grandparents lived right across the road from us because after that night my Mom had to depend on them for a lot the next couple of years. My PawPaw was/is one of the best father figures that me and my brother could ever have. I’m so grateful that he stepped in like he did and loved us so well!
With divorces come visitation rights and weekend visits. Sometimes our visits went well and other times me and Ethan would sit out on the front porch waiting for someone who never came for us or our visits wouldn’t be good because of all that went on during our time there.┬áIt was unfortunate for sure.
Fast forward a couple of years later and my Mom met a wonderful man that had a little boy that was right between mine and Ethan’s ages. A few weeks before I turned 7 they married. I remember calling them as they were traveling to their honeymoon destination and asking “Mr. Craig” if I could call him “Daddy” now? And every day since then that’s what I have called him. I never refer to him as my “step-dad” and for good reason.
My Daddy has never felt like a step-dad to me. He has always treated and loved me as his own and never shown any differentiation in his love for me and Ethan versus Trey. I’m beyond grateful for that! God gave me an earthly father that has shown me the type of love that He has for me.
After I became a believer at the age of 9, I realized even more so how the Father loves His children and just how blessed I was to be a child of God! A good Father loves his children, disciplines his children, and teaches his children very important lessons. The same should go for our earthly fathers and I can truly say that I have had that with my Daddy. God is so good to have given me a grandfather and Daddy as such great earthly examples of the love that my Heavenly Father has for me!
So, fathers remember your children this Father’s Day. Think of the example you are setting for them. Think of the love you are showing them or should be showing them. Are your actions towards your wife and children pointing to your heavenly Father?

Father's Day 2016

Happy Father’s Day!