Sweet Baby Cam

As most of you have heard, we are having a BOY!! 🙂 We are SO excited to raise a son and all of the adventures that will entail for us. My 4 dreams were right on with the gender!


His name will be Cam, which comes from his initials of Charles Allen Mathis. He is named after two great men of my (MaeLee) life who are my grandfather and dad.

At my last appointment Cam weighed 8 ounces and was about 5.5 inches long from his head to bottom. So once you add his long legs into the picture he is a pretty long fella. 🙂 He was curled up into a ball for the entire ultrasound with his face and head down and his bottom up near my ribs. The ultrasound tech was worried that he wouldn’t open his legs to find out the gender. I made sure to tell her to do what she had to do to find out because we had gender reveal plans! She turned off the tv screen I was watching so I wouldn’t find out without Tim and poked and prodded on my stomach for a while and finally got him to open those legs. 🙂

Tim was in Birmingham all day the day of my appointment so it was the first one he couldn’t come to. :/ BUT there should be plenty more he will be able to make! So, the tech gave me the dvd and sealed the gender pictures away in an envelope and held it up to the light so I couldn’t peek. 😉 It was REALLY hard knowing I could just look in and see for a few hours but thankfully I waited until Tim came home. He got home around 11 PM that night and woke me up and we opted into watching the dvd, which made us wait until the end to find out he was a boy. Our response was: “Yep, definitely a boy!” Haha! No mistaking this guy!






We asked our good friend Olivia Pugh to design the two names we picked out since she is SO talented in the graphic design department. After we found out Tim went to a print shop in town and had it printed on thick poster-size cardboard. I ordered the cake from Sam’s with boy colors and his name on it. Then (finally!), on Thursday night we were able to share this wonderful news with our families in Greenville!! Their reactions were great and everyone was so excited! (So glad I only had to hold that secret in for 2 days or else I would have busted!)

It’s been great to finally know that we have CAM MATHIS on the way and can start planning accordingly as far as registering for our boy’s things. He is already loved so much and just doesn’t know it yet. We have been blessed with such supportive family and friends in our lives and we cannot wait for our little guy to meet everyone!