26/27 weeks with “Cammy Cam”


This is shot from when I was 24 weeks preggo.



We had such a great shower for our boy in Auburn last weekend! This is a painting our friend, Tara, made for Cam.


This is a shot from 25 weeks of pregnancy. (I’m trying to play catch up.)


With these weeks coming and going and so much other “life stuff” happening pregnancy brain has really set in for me. Sunday morning I was scrambling eggs before church and took the pan off the eye. I was putting eggs on my plate and some fell off the spatula and into the hot eye I was just using. Without even thinking twice I put my plate down and picked up the hot eye to get the egg out and clean up. I didn’t have to hold my hand there for only 2 seconds to figure that it was a HOT EYE and I screamed! Cam jumped and I said to myself, “What were you thinking?!”

There you have it..pregnancy brain in full force. 🙂

With this past week and this week we are in now a lot has happened and is going to happen. I am finished with my undergraduate career. I said goodbye to classes on Friday and it truly was bittersweet. I received lots of hugs and cards. One card and XL Hershey bar came from a student who I have struggled with all semester. This student gave me a run for my money with behavior problems that included me having multiple parent conferences with the parents. The past 2 weeks this student decided to have a change of heart and listen to my instructions without any more problems. The card this student gave me was really sweet. The student apologized for how they acted and told me they were going to miss me and that I was going to be a great mother. I thank the Lord for ending my internship on that note. 🙂

This week Cam has been the most hyperactive little fella around! He should be around 2 lbs now, which is crazy to think about, and 14.5 inches long. We are so thankful that God is seeing fit to keep growing this sweet boy! Also, this past Saturday morning I felt this little man move 40+ times in less than 1 hour! Wowzers! 🙂


Cam is considered as big as a head of cauliflower this week. I find this comparison the oddest of them all so far. To me it just doesn’t make as much sense as the other fruits and vegetables.

Cam’s heart rate was a good and strong 150 bpm at our check up this week. Also, I passed my glucose test! (YAY!!) But along with that my blood pressure has started rising again, unfortunately. My doctor warned me at our last visit that this might happen just because of being in the last trimester. So, my medicine has been increased to help level it out and not be so high. We will have one more visit here in Auburn before moving.

Also, this week Cam will get to do something that a lot of children in the womb do not get to experience. He will get to walk with me to receive my diploma from Auburn University this Saturday morning, Lord willing. I am so excited to experience this day with my family and friends as this been 6 years in the making for me. God has seen me through this in every season of life and directed each step on this path.

We continue to receive so much love for this son of ours that has so quickly stolen our hearts. Our second bedroom is full of things for Cammy Cam to wear and use when he arrives. We anticipate his arrival with welcoming arms and open hearts! Thank you to all who love us and love our boy.


With my Spring Break coming to a close today I have been extremely thankful for my time off to spend with Tim and become reenergized for our final weeks in Auburn. I have been able to sleep in, exercise, watch TV, and spend time with friends all the while seeing Tim all throughout the day this week.

With all this week off Tim and I have been able to have a lot of good conversations of what life will/should look like after our season of life in Auburn is over. It will be so very bittersweet. We have learned immeasurable amounts of knowledge since being here and being in the Lakeview intern program. And our time here has flown by!

I have 4 weeks left of internship and less than 5 weeks until I graduate from Auburn! Tim has less than 7 weeks until his graduation! Our expected last Sunday at Lakeview is May 11th, which is also the day Tim will, Lord willing, be ordained.

The million dollar question of “What are you guys doing after graduation?” still remains unanswered as of right now. We know we will more than likely leave Auburn ASAP due to our support coming to a close and without an income we cannot sustain ourselves in Auburn. So, if there isn’t an immediate ministry opportunity available we will move in with family or friends until so. We especially hope to have a ministry to take part in before Cam makes his arrival. 🙂

The next money question is “Are you excited for what lies ahead after May?” To answer that question we are excited about not having school responsibilities, but we would be head over heels excited once we have a job lined up and to look forward to. 🙂

We anticipate with gladness this new season of life to come and unfold for us! We ask that you continue to pray for the door to be opened to us in God’s timing. Thank you to those who ask us/pray for us about the next stage of life because we know that you care about us.

Christmas Break Traveling and Reflection of Undergrad

Classes are over. Projects are turned in. Finally! (At least for me they are.) Tim is still working hard on papers to turn in by the end of next week and then he will be done.

Life is slowed down a lot for the both of us in the past few days and it has been really nice. I have really enjoyed this whole being a “housewife” this week. 🙂 I love staying busy at home cooking and cleaning and doing things with and for others. Although this week has been very chill, next week will start the month of traveling for the Mathii!

I leave on Tuesday to go to Livingston for a week to keep the Hooper kids. Their parents will be on an anniversary trip and we are very close to this family. The Hoopers are the most servant-hearted and giving people we have EVER met!! They came into my life freshman year of college when they had just had their second child. The first time I kept Mae and Archie was for Melissa’s (the mom)  birthday. From that day until I got married I was in their sweet home weekly visiting, eating dinner, or keeping their 3 kids. They are now making preparations to be full-time missionaries in Honduras. Their move will take place in the next few months.

Tim will join me later in the week when he is finished with classes. Then, we will come back to Auburn for 1 day to wash clothes and re-pack to leave for NYC!! This is our gift in return for taking care of the Hooper family. It is an all-expense paid trip that we have been totally blessed with for our 2nd anniversary!! We will be able to party it up for 5 days in NYC! We are SO excited about this vacay and just being able to explore the city with no required agenda.

When we arrive back in Auburn from that trip we will then start making our family rounds for Christmas!! We will go to Tim’s mom’s side first, then my family, go to Abbeville for Tim to preach, and finally to Black to be with Tim’s dad and step-mom.

As soon as we get back from there my internship will start up!! I cannot believe that is all I have left before graduation. You would think 6 years of undergrad wouldn’t have flown by so fast…haha! But at the same time it has drug by as many different events and things have changed and grown me during my college experience….such as: moving, college classes, nursing school, having a tumor removed from my throat, serving in Vancouver for a summer, changing my major, courtship, engagement, MARRIAGE, moving, transferring schools twice, being a part of a cohort, and serving in many schools! Major things have happened to me in 6 years. I have grown so much as a person and in my walk with the Lord. I am so thankful for all the people I have made friends with over my time in college and at the schools I have attended.

Anyways, I will end there. We have a busy month to say the least, but we are excited about that and the new year to come. With the new year comes new experiences and new goals to meet. 🙂

Busy Last Year of Seminary

It has been far too long since we las updated you on our lives. It is crazy to believe that we over half way through our last fall semester in Auburn. I have already registered  for my internship next semester!

We are truly trying to make the most of our last few months here by spending time with people here and the Lord has truly crafted our time, especially weekends, to allow that to happen by keeping us busy with school and ministry activities. We want to build relationships here in Auburn that will last and when we leave Auburn we want to look back with happy memories. So, we are trying to be active in our newlywed SS class and spend time with other couples in the same stage of life as us. We have been blessed to form friendships with the Pugh, Wimberly, Werk, Taylor, McAdam, and Barber families.

Tim has been working with missions and administration this fall, while I have been working with 3rd graders. We have been busier than we have ever been before. I am taking 16 hours of school while being in the schools 21 hours per week PLUS homework. I am most definitely looking forward to next semester when all I have to focus on is my wonderful internship!!

My sweet husband has been working hard with his classes as we close to the end of the craziest month ever for us! He has had tons of classes, missions festival, and a conference this month, which has made it busy and very good! The fast pace life is good, but it is also good to slow down and enjoy life. We are in great need of a date night soon. 🙂

This semester I have been incredibly blessed to be mentored by a great friend and fellow Lakeview staff wife, Shannon. She is probably one of the greatest people I have ever known. She is mentoring and keeping me accountable to become a better wife to my husband. While I love Shannon..I love her daughter, Promise, just as much. I am learning more about Shannon and Michael’s adoption process in bring Promise home since that is something Tim and I greatly desire to do.

Also, this semester I have been able to meet weekly with my friend, Margaret. This has been a time of accountablilty for Margaret and where we get to share life together and study God’s Word.  Margaret is from China and so I have been able to try moon cakes and learn a few Chinese words through her. 🙂 It has been a joy to be able to grow in our friendship and as sisters in Christ.

On a final note, I would like to blog more frequently and I am looking for a way to do that. Would you like to suggest something I could blog about weekly? I do have a list of freezer meals I have thought about posting since I have recently gotten into that, but I am thinking of coming up with a question I can answer weekly…

Have a fabulous weekend! 🙂


Update on Our Summer…

For those of you who do not receive our newsletter or we have not been around recently, you more than likely do not know that Tim is in Uganda and I am in Auburn. The distance between us is NOT by choice, but otherwise I would not graduate when Tim does and that would delay us from finding a job outside of Auburn. Trust me, I would MUCH rather be where my husband is because that is HOME to me.

Tim and I finished up our spring semesters several weeks ago. I ended finals and class April 26 and Tim finished May 7. I am so thankful for the time we were able to spend together before he left for Uganda and I will be thankful for the time we will spend together when he gets back from his mission. 🙂

The week before he left we were able to spend in Gatlinburg, TN. This trip was supposed to be the annual Lakeview staff meeting, but due to certain things coming the meeting was cancelled. The Pugh’s had graciously offered one of their family member’s timeshares for us to use for the week free of charge and it had already been booked, so Bro. Al gave us the okay to go with the Pugh’s to spend our last week together! I had never been to Gatlinburg before and Tim’s family used to go every year so he was my very own travel guide for this trip. 🙂 God’s creation there was absolutely breath-taking! I am sure Tim got tired of me saying “Look here…Look there…Let’s take a picture with these mountains in the background!” Haha! We were able to just walk and look in shops and tour places. It was a time of great relaxation and fellowshipping with some wonderful friends!

When we got back we had to go straight to packing and making sure we had everything ready for Uganda. It was a sad time for me, but keeping my mind busy helped me to not shed as many tears as my eyes wanted to. I haven’t told Tim this next part yet, but I have been doing some thinking and realize that this is what the Lord had planned. The morning Tim left he woke up to go to the bathroom at about 5:30 AM and then immediately came to wake me up to tell me that the hot water heater had broke and was flooding the laundry room and kitchen. (Just great, right? This is EXACTLY how I wanted to spend my last morning with my husband!) I went and checked everything out while Tim was on the phone calling our dads to figure out how to turn the water heater off and calling the water company after we figured out the valve was broke and needed ALL of our water off. I then go and grab all the towels I can hold out of the linen closet and start trying to block in the water to where it would not go under the washer and dryer and enter the living room. It took the water company over 1 hour to get to our house to turn off the water.

I won’t go into the rest of the details, but we did get all the water off the floor and the plumber came two days later to put in the new water heater and to turn the water back on. I realize that the Lord had this all planned because I probably would have spent the entire morning sobbing and having a pity party for myself because Tim was leaving. God did not want me to waste my time doing those things and instead he kept me busy mopping the floors and pouring buckets of water out the back door. 🙂 And the next few days I had family and friends calling to check on me and my water situation, so I was able to not feel completely alone. God thought of this. He thought of me and planned this out. I was forced to rely on Him to provide a way for me to take showers and wash clothes. So, I am truly thankful that our hot water heater broke that day.

Anyways, Tim is safe in Uganda and doing some traveling this week into different villages and conducting surveys with some unreached, unengaged people groups. I am thankful for the times I am able to talk to him and for the times I am able to get a picture or FaceTime him. He is really enjoying his time there and the people he is working with. I will have to get him to blog about his time there when he gets back because he has some AWESOME stories to tell about God’s grace and sovereignty. 🙂

If you would like to receive pictures or updates on “exactly” what he is doing and how his time has been, please let me know and I will add you to my list. Please intercede for him during this time and the people he is sharing the gospel with for the very first time or for the 100th time!


Nearing the End

Well, the end of the semester is in sight for me. Praise be unto the Lord! I am still working on a few group projects, papers, and lesson plans, but there are no tests to study for until the last week of school. I do not have any finals during finals week, but mine are on the last day of class, which is April 25th. My life is going at a much slower pace now that I am now buried with mid-terms and group projects.

Tim, however, is not on the slow pace I am on. He is reading, studying Greek, and watching lectures 24/7 these days. He has class next week all day, every day. He even has class on Saturday. Boo! But I am extremely thankful he is learning about the Lord and His Word!

During my spring break (3/11-3/15) I was able to visit with some friends in Auburn, including my friend Joanne and her newborn Chinese beauty, Mia. She is so precious! I also got to visit with my family in Goodway (Monroe County) for a few days. On March 15, it marked one year since my grandmother had been with Lord rejoicing! I was so thankful that I got to be with my mom, aunts, and my Paw-Paw on that day. We went to a few arts and crafts festivals in Daphne and Fairhope, which is something my Gran-Gran would have LOVED to do and would have probably been doing that if she was still with us. So, it was a very good week for me and I also got to end the week by hanging out with my favorite person in the world, my husband! 🙂 Tim Mathis really is the bomb.com for those of you who don’t know.

The day before classes started back I started a 24 Day Challenge with AdvoCare. For those of you who don’t know what AdvoCare is, let me tell you. AdvoCare is a company that sells products to enhance energy, help make your workouts great, and help you lose weight and inches. The products are just vitamins and supplements to enhance your diet and make you healthy. I heard about AdvoCare back sometime last year, but I had only heard of Spark, which is the energy drink. People loved Spark and I didn’t know what the big deal was about. Then, I heard of other friends doing the 24 Day Challenge and getting AWESOME results. The average loss is 10 lbs and 10 inches! AdvoCare gives you a daily meal plan to follow while you’re on the challenge and just jump starts your weight loss and helps you get on the right track eating the right things every day.

I thought it was great and I just kept hearing more and more people talk about how awesome it was. I have been trying to get Tim and I eating the “organic foods” for a while now and stop drinking so much coke/soda. So, I saved up some money and signed up as a distributor under a former college roommate to get the 20% discount. The discount happens automatically when you sign up and you can earn up to 40% off all the products if you sell enough products. The first 10 days of the challenge is called the cleanse phase and days 11-24 is called the max (results) phase. I found out what I could and couldn’t eat and I have stuck to it. Also, it helps that you have to pay for the products to not cheat because you’ve made an investment into eating healthy.

I started the challenge 12 days ago and I have already had great results. The Spark energy drink has helped me have energy to work out and have such a good attitude about everything throughout the day. The food I am eating is helping me just feel better. Not having junk food and coke in my body has helped me to not feel so sluggish and weighed down. This Saturday will be 3 weeks without coke in body! Whoop Whoop! I thought I would have horrible, no good headaches without coke, but I have not had any! I am so excited to be half-way through this challenge and to feel this great!

If you want to know more about my results or how the products can help you, please let us know and I would love to find a way that AdvoCare can help you. My AdvoCare website is: www.advocare.com/130320520.


Life is but a blur…

Since Christmas our weekends have been booked to the max and last weekend was our first weekend at home since we took our anniversary trip to Black. Needless to say it was beyond needed and relaxing for us both.

The month of January Tim was either at Lakeview, a conference, or a class all but 2 days! It was definitely a crazy month for the Mathii, and February did not disappoint us either in that aspect. He is really looking forward to getting into his classes and learning more about systematic theology and Greek. Tim is actually in class right now and was yesterday, too.

My (MaeLee) school schedule has been OUT. OF. CONTROL. It really has been super crazy and stressful. Right now I am a part of 5 different group projects and I have taken 3 midterms with two more to go. I am placed at 3 different schools, which I am at 4 times per week outside of 17 hours of class I am taking. The highlight of this semester has most definitely been being in the schools so much! I am loving my times with different students and learning how to be the best teacher I can be. The teachers that I get the opportunity to work with are outstanding and there are many characteristics of theirs that I hope to take on and possess.

What I am most thankful for this semester is that I am in only education classes that relate to what I am majoring in and that is SUCH a blessing. It is a blessing because I am finally focusing everything on my major, Elementary Education, and because of that I am doing really well in all of my classes, which is GREAT! I am really hoping and striving for all As this semester and as of right now that is what I have in all of my classes..hoping it stays that way too!

Places we have been recently: Abbeville (For D-NOW), Monroeville, Mobile (with my family to take Tim to Mardi Gras for the first time), Panama City Beach (for marriage retreat), and Eufaula (for Tim’s Paw-Paw’s surprise birthday party).

Here are a couple of pictures to recap a couple of our trips:



543515_4792271757286_1849371449_nThis is at Mardi Gras in Mobile with Tim and my Daddy.

This picture is just for you all to see the cutest 3 year olds that there ever was. 🙂



New Year, New Schedules

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and new year with your family and friends. We enjoyed our time together with our families over the the holiday season. We went to Black, AL, where Tim’s dad’s side of the family meets every summer for family reunions, for a few days of being alone together. From there we went to Eufaula, AL to spend time with Tim’s mom’s side of the family for a few days. We had our Christmas celebration with them and got to spend some sweet time with our wonderful niece, Alexis. 🙂

photo photo(1)photo(2)

From Eufaula we went to spend Christmas Eve night in Goodway, AL. This was the first time I(MaeLee) have been home for Christmas in 3 years. Needless to say, my parents were thrilled to have me and Tim there for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. We spent a few days there and got to spend the night and hang out with my Paw-Paw. You guys do not even know how much we love my Paw-Paw. He is always the highlight of our trips to see my family, especially since we lost my Gran-Gran last March. We also got to see some more of our favorite people, the Dunns and Butlers, while in Goodway, which means we got to see our other favorite little girl, Lenora! 🙂


We came back to Auburn for a few days of rest before hitting the road again. We celebrated in the New Year with some more of our favorite people, the Taylors! It was a night full of games and laughter! We left New Year’s Day for Louisville, KY with the Wimberlys. Kaleb and Tim took a Greek review class for free while Lindsay and I slept in at the hotel and hung out around Louisville. We were able to meet with some of the Wimberlys’ friends and have dinner with one of Tim’s professors and his family. I was so excited to go see Louisville and SBTS, where Tim is a student. We (mainly just me) enjoyed the cold weather to the fullest. We were all really hoping for snow, but it had melted by the time we arrived. (Such a Debbie Downer!) Other than getting stuck in traffic for a couple of hours on the way there, a good time was had by all of us!

Since our return from Kentucky, we both hit the ground running with responsibilities for work and school. Tim has been at Lakeview every day since we go back with some type of responsibility. We have had Week of Prayer, David Platt, Harry Reeder, and many other things happening at Lakeview. This past weekend we were leaders for FUEL! Fuel is a weekend for the youth to grow deeper in their relationships with the Lord and have an overload of fellowship with each other. Tim had 8th grade boys and I had 9th grade girls. It was definitely a weekend of renewal and exhaustion! We are both so thankful for opportunities to work with youth and use our gifts for the Lord in that manner since we both have a desire to work with them after graduation.

I am placed at three different schools this semester for my education program and I am SO excited about it! Reading, math, and P.E. for me this semester and all of these subjects require me to come up with my own lesson plans. Making lesson plans for the first time is a rather frightening thought to me, but I am up for the challenge!

So, this is our little update on the Mathii. Hope you have a great rest of the week and weekend! Love you guys!

Half-Way Freedom.

So, I (MaeLee) am officially done with school for this semester! PRAISE THE LORD! I did not think this semester would ever come to an end. So, I am FREE!

Tim, on the other hand, is not done for the semester. He leaves for a J-term on Sunday and will return later in the week. He will be taking Herman-neutics in Louisville, KY. He also has two or three more finals on top of taking a week-long class.

My Daddy has the privilege of putting up the Christmas tree every year at the state capital. (Yes, this is a very big deal to my dad.) Today is the Christmas tree lighting and parade in Montgomery. So, we are meeting my parents in Montgomery for the parade and dinner and they will be coming to Auburn to spend the weekend with us.

I have a few pictures to share with you guys from over the time that I was not blogging as often.

 This is us at a pumpkin patch in Eufaula, AL in October. 🙂

This is my side of the family minus Tim and my brother Trey at my Paw-Paw’s 83rd birthday party.

This is my Paw-Paw and all of his granddaughters and two great-granddaughters. 🙂

This is me and our precious niece, Alexis at Thanksgiving! She is so much fun and has so much joy!

 This picture is the most recent and has to be included just because it is so beautiful. (You should check out the rest of downtown Auburn at night if you want to see something truly magical and beautiful.) 🙂

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you are preparing your hearts for one of favorite times of the year, Christmas! Please remember the reason we celebrate Christmas and how amazing it is to know that God sent His Son to come and live a perfect life for an example for us to follow. Jesus Christ also took on all of our sins to to die and be