{Cam- 4 Months}

What’s up 4 months?? Sorry to be fashionably late with my blog post, but I am busy man these days. I’m excited to be 4 months old now, though (closer to 5 months now). I am starting to really let my personality shine these days. And I have to say that I have a pretty awesome one at that! I smile and laugh a lot but I’m starting to become a little more stingy with those things. If you want a smile or laugh out of me you have to work for it.
DSC_0350 DSC_0347
This month was another big one, but month 5 is going to be the biggest yet due to Thanksgiving and Christmas. (More on that next blog)
I am now 17.2 lbs and 25.75 inches long with my head measuring 45 cm. If you’re wondering what that means for me..it means I am one big ole’ boy and I’m proud of it! I am in the 80th percentile for weight, 60th percentile for height, and 95th percentile for my head measurement! The doctor has re-measured my head after the nurse did the initial measurement at my last two appointments. They say I have a “Mathis head”, but Mom says that I have a lot of brains and am the next genius! 🙂
Some things that happened this past month are: me dressing up as a duck for the fall festival, going on my first trip with Dad and the youth for missions weekend, Gram and Pap visiting, PawPaw and Candi visiting, MawMaw and Grandpa Russell visiting too, and eating rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes and apples for the first time! I told you it was a big month!
These pictures document those things mentioned above.
Silly Dad wearing my costume because it was too hot to keep on!
Lots of things going on getting my attentionDSC_0360 DSC_0359
Staying occupied while Mom took pictures of the youth working
Meet Mr. Chuck..we have the same hairstyle! 🙂
Those youth girls sure are good at making me smile. 🙂
Gram and Pap sharing some love with me!
Silly PawPaw was trying to get me to say his name. 🙂
I felt so comfortable with Candi, I spit up on every outfit she had. 🙂
IMG_0729 IMG_0736
MawMaw got to meet me for the first time!
I may look like I don’t like sweet potatoes, but I LOVE them and I’m just sleepy here.
Some things that I love lately are: playing pat-a-cake, Mom running with me in the stroller, being outside, playing with Mom and Dad, taking a bath, and being in just my diaper.
Some things I dislike: THE CAR SEAT, THE CAR SEAT, and THE CAR SEAT!
Did I mention that I don’t like the car seat? If not, I really don’t like my car seat. Like I said earlier, I will mention more above traveling for the holidays in my next blog.
I pushed Mom on the verge of tears when we traveled alone to Abbeville for missions weekend. Needless to say, she asked someone to ride back with us to Jasper. I was happy to have Cara as my backseat buddy. Thanks again, Cara!
Well, see you guys on the blogosphere soon!
Grace & Peace-Cam