25 Weeks and Post-Graduation Update

Wow..25 weeks of being pregnant. This has probably been the fastest season of life I have ever been in. I am sure it seems faster because how crazy busy this semester of school/internship has been.

Our sweet boy is growing, growing, and growing daily! It has been so neat to be able to see him grow with each ultrasound and know he is growing by how strong his movements are becoming. I mean the boy has some muscles! When he has a lot of energy to move one kick/punch will shift one side of my abdomen! I’m sure that he is becoming crammed already due to my short torso, but he probably doesn’t realize he still has to stay in there a while longer. 🙂



Cam weighs about the same as a rutabaga this week, which is around 1.5 lbs. He is also about 13.5 inches long. From what we can tell from his ultrasounds, he is going to inherit his mom’s long legs. 🙂 He also should have his very own set of fingerprints this week! He is still responding to my voice and music, which is awesome.

There are some very sweet ladies hosting our first baby shower this weekend and I’m really looking forward to it. I pray that these ladies will always have a role in Cam’s life as they have had a role in my life. 🙂


Now on to my other fella..the bearded older one. 🙂 Tim is graduating one month from TODAY! Wowzers! Speaking of things flying by..our 3 years at Lakeview has flown by as well.

We are still on the job search as things have fallen through multiple times now with other churches. BUT God is sovereign and seems to constantly open new doors for us. There has been 2 new developments for us in the past 2 days.

So, I ask that you pray with us and these churches’ search committees. Pray that they will find the right man of God for their position. Pray for us that we will continue to be patient and learn what God is trying to teach us through this process/season. We want to serve where the Lord wants us to serve. I also ask that you specifically pray for my precious, precious husband as he is the one carrying this burden for our household and that I may be an encouragement to him through all of this.