23 Weeks Along..

At 23 weeks along in pregnancy Cam is really starting to grow! Babycenter.com suggests that Cam weighs as much as a large mango and is over 11 inches this week. I feel like he has taken on a major growth spurt in the past few days. From what I have read he will be gaining around 6 oz per week now, which is crazy to me because he just made it to the 1 lb mark!

Also, I can really start to tell that he is responding to my voice and other noises. He starts moving every time I sing in the mornings while I get ready and from what I can feel from inside of me he really likes to be in church services. Ha! I guess the music, voices of others singing, and my singing really gets him going, which is awesome! As I am teaching and talking all day I am sure he gets tired of me talking at some point, but with all my movement throughout the morning and early afternoon I think he manages to sleep most of the time.

Cam is definitely most active in the late afternoon throughout the evenings. I am starting to wake up some in the middle of the night due to him having hiccups or just being awake and moving. I think the fact that he has hiccups is the cutest and funniest thing ever! 🙂

There have been a lot of days throughout my internship when I wished I could just stay in bed and sleep some more, but the fact that my students were so excited to find out I was pregnant and then to find out the gender when I did has been great. They think he is named after Cam Newton, which is not the case, but is funny. Also, I have some sweet kids who are now offering to help me pick things up off the floor and do tasks for me that require me bending down or kneeling on the floor. Some have asked me if he kicks and moves in me. So, all in all they have been great about me being pregnant and I think it has been good for students their age to see that having a baby/pregnancy can be a good and great thing since they live in a world that is telling them to abort their children.

Less than 17 weeks to go from here..we are so ready for him to be here and hold him!! 🙂