10K Fun with Friends

So, I got tricked into doing a 10K and now training to do a half-marathon in March. Haha! (This is probably what you are thinking if you know me at all.)

Okay..so I really didn’t get tricked into doing, but more like “coaxed” or “talked into” doing the 10K by Shannon Hill. The half-marathon is a mixture of ideas, but I figure if I can do a 10K then I can do a half because it is just double the distance. Right?? I guess we will see.

First of all you should know that I have never ran before in my life other than running away from my brothers or when I played softball (which is kind of the same thing..either way I didn’t want to get caught).

The second thing you should know is that I am also not a runner by choice. I have this funny little heart condition called vasodepressor syncope. Vasodepressor Syncope is just a fancy way of saying my skips almost every other beat, my blood likes to stay in my legs rather than going to my brain sometimes which can cause me to pass out, I get overheated easily, and I have high blood pressure. Soooo…with all that said, I thought it would be best for me to not run.

BUT…I thought about Shannon’s question of running the 10K with her for a while before I gave her a definite answer. I talked to Tim about it so I could know what he thought. His answer was that I should do it because it would be fun, BUT I would need to START running or at least work my way up to running.

My answer obviously turned out to be a “yes”! I started “running” (really walking/jogging) every other day up until November 2nd. I started to really like to go outside and run during the week. And this is something I never in a million years thought I would say to ANYONE! Tim was a great help of encouragement during this time and ever since then. Shannon was also very encouraging.

This was pre-race..where I could still feel my legs! Ha!
This was pre-race..where I could still feel my legs! Kelly, me , and Shannon

When the day of the race came around, I was kind of nervous because I had not ever ran 6.2 miles before. The most I had ever done is 4 miles. (Yes, I know I probably should have done the actual mileage beforehand but I didn’t.) My nerves went away and the race started. Shannon and I ran together throughout the entirety of the race. We were able to see a few lights and listen to Christmas music for the majority of the time. Kelly ran also, but she left us in the dust. Finally, we crossed the finish line in 1 hour and 20 minutes! We crushed it!! It was so nice to have friends to do it with and my husband cheering me on at the finish line!

Shannon and I crossing the finish line!
Shannon and I crossing the finish line!

It really was so much fun! Now…we are gearing up towards possibly 2 half-marathons next year. I am keeping up running throughout the week and excited that I did something that I never thought I could do! So, if I can do this then YOU can too!!

All 3 of us post-race! Obviously no jumping picture.
All 3 of us post-race! Obviously no jumping picture.