Prayer Requests and Memorial Day Fun

To start this post off, I have several requests for you to lift up that are near and dear to our hearts.

One of my best friends, Emily Sloan, left for Africa yesterday and will be gone for 11 days. She will be doing a lot of teaching on how to be healthy and clean. Pray that she will be a light for Jesus while she is there.

Another prayer request is for my cousin, Samantha. She is looking for a job as a middle school math teacher. She just heard that she has an interview Thursday with Smiths Station Junior High. Please be in prayer for this woman of God as God shows her the next step in her life.

This is Samantha.

And finally, please be in prayer for me and Tim as we are still trying to raise money for New York. If you would like more information about our trip, please call us at 334-434-2899 or 334-329-8221. If you would like to give to this mission, please mail your check or money to 1377 Hampton Drive Auburn, AL and make checks payable to Tim or me. We really need your prayers and financial support for this summer.

A highlight of our week last week was keeping 3 of the 4 Johnson girls! These are some of the MOST precious children we know! We ask them if we can adopt them all the time. 🙂

Memorial was a great one for the Mathii. We were so blessed to travel with some great friends to the ATL for a Braves game! Our sweet friends that joined us were the Wimberly’s, Douthit’s, Ryno, and Bo. It was a VERY hot day and we have our sunburn to show for it today, but it was my(MaeLee) first ever Braves game. Tim always gets a kick out of the things I say when we watch them on TV at home, so he was thrilled that I was able to say those things at an actual game.  (No worries, these are clean sayings..he just likes to laugh at me.) 

Oh, another prayer request..please pray for our friends, the Douthit’s. They are gearing up to head overseas for medical school. You can check out their blog,

PLEASE let us know how we can be praying for you. Have a great week!

Around the House

So, I told you last week that I would post pictures of our house. I got pictures of most of it for you guys that are curious. If you are not curious then this post is not for you. Sorry. 🙂

This is a view of part of the kitchen into the living room.

This would be part of our kitchen..our baker’s rack and pantry.

This is our fridge. 🙂 It is featured with people we are reminded to pray for every day, sweet notes, and invitations to upcoming events.

This is part of our living room.

Entertainment center in the living room.

Living room.

This is mine and Tim’s bed…haha..not! This is the second bedroom/office. If you will notice our awesome map on the wall. This map indicates unreached people groups and unengaged people groups with prayer cards of people who are serving in those areas.

Part of the second bedroom.

The office area of the second bedroom.

This is our bed. And this was taken right after we moved can the picture  on the side that is now hanging above our bed. I did not get to take pictures of our bedroom (as it is now), our bathroom, or laundry room. Those pictures will have to come later.

Thank you to all for the wonderful wall art, picture frames, and everything else we received as wedding gifts that we get to adorn our house with. 🙂

NY Assignment #2

So, we have our assignment for the summer….again. We are still leaving June 21st and coming back August 10th. We will working with the SEND NYC catalyst, Steve Allen. We will be wearing many hats as we will helping with many different things while in NY/NJ. We will be living in northern New Jersey with Steve and his family. We are very excited about the opportunity God has planned out for us.

Once again, we do not have very many details, but we do have more details with this assignment than our last one. One of our biggest concerns was a place to live and God gave us a place to stay for free. We will not have to pay for laundry and a majority of our meals due to living with a family with all of those necessities. With the last assignment, we were looking at having to find a place to live, a laundry mat, and eating a lot of meals out. Praise the Lord our prayers and concerns have been met!

We are hoping to find more information soon! God is in control of everything and He is sovereign! We are just going with the flow and following where He leads us.

Thank you for your precious prayers for us during the time of somewhat chaos as everything was up in the air. And thank you for your encouraging words to the both of us as we were in the middle of being placed for the second time.



This week started off really rough for the both of us. I woke up really sick Monday morning and husband wasn’t feeling the absolute best. My sinuses and I have a love/hate relationship. I love them when they allow me to breathe with ease, but hate them when I am stopped up, my face hurts, and my nose is like a leaky faucet. But husband did an excellent job taking care of me and getting me medicine and all of the other things that go along with taking care of someone who is sick.

Now, husband is down the same sickness. Poor baby! We have reversed roles and hopefully I will help back to health like he did for me. 🙂 We have played A LOT of Phase 10 this week during our down time. We have had a great week just being together and getting hang out and relax. Thank you Lord for the rest!


Stay tuned for a blog post tomorrow on our house. I realized today that I never posted pictures of our home since we have been married and settled in. 

Please let us know how we can be praying for all of you.

The Mathis Monthly- April

The Mathis Monthly

April 2012

“Indeed, I count everything as loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For his sake I have suffered the loss of all things and count them as rubbish in order that I may gain Christ and be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own that comes from the law, but that which comes through faith in Christ, the righteousness from God that depends on faith” –Philippians 3:8-9

Dear Supporters,

We are super excited to be able to share with you what all we know about our summer trip to New York. We hope that you will prayerfully consider how you can help us in that endeavor. Last month our support was significantly low and it was difficult to pay all the bills. Thank you for your continued prayers and support, without you out journey thorough seminary would not be possible. Remember that you can keep up with us on a more frequent basis by our Facebook pages (, and our Twitter pages (@Timothy_Mathis, @MrsMaeLeeMathis).  Also, remember that you can call us at (334) 434-2899 (Tim), (334) 329-8221 (MaeLee) or email us at or anytime with questions about the program or support, or you can contact us anytime with prayer requests or just to talk. Our address is 1377 Hampton Drive Auburn, AL 36830.


Forest Hills, Queens, New York City, NY

We have finally been placed for our summer inNew York. We will be serving in the Forest Hills community inQueens.Forest Hillspopulation is 112,333 living in 4.38 square miles. The median age is 42 and the median household income is $71,000.Forest Hillsmay be the most strategic place to share the gospel with Bukharan Jews. We will be working with church planter Nathan Creitz. Nathan has only been working in the area for a little over a month, so we will be seeing the very beginning of a church plant. Our role will be mostly doing outreach in the community to build a core group of believers and hopefully get them plugged into small group Bible studies.

Going for the summer will require some financial assistance. As of right now we will need to raise $2,797 for the entire summer. This will encompass all the expenses we need. If you would like to help support us on this summer mission trip, please make all checks out to me and in the “for” section of the check please specify that it is for New York. If you have been unable to support us thus far this may be a chance to help us in that way.


Finishing Class

I am almost done with class for the semester. I have three more days of Old Testament and have a few more papers to write before I am done. Once I am done with this semesters classes I will have to start reading books for The Southern Baptist Convention class I will be taking in June. You can be praying for me that I can persevere through all the reading while trying to enjoy a little time off. This semester has been very beneficial to my spiritual growth and development. Thank you for praying for my schooling, because it is very strenuous at times and can be hard.


The Barnabas Factors and Church Planter

The most beneficial class for me this semester has been Church Planting. This is a subject that I knew little about coming into seminary but felt like it was something God may have us do after graduation. The two books that were most beneficial to me on this topic were The Barnabas Factors The Barnabas Factors by J.D. Payne and Church Planter by Darrin Patrick. These books are easy reads and are not as long as most books we read. If you are interested in the topic of church planting these would be good books to read that are not too hard to understand. I would encourage you all to ask your pastors what type of church planting work is being done through your local body of believers.


Accepted to Auburn

I (MaeLee) have been accepted toAuburnUniversity! We decided that I needed to apply to transfer toAuburnbecause it would save us time and gas without having to commute toMontgomerytwice per week. I would have had to drive every day toMontgomeryin the fall and get home around 11 P.M. two nights per week. So, that is our reasons for me transferring schools.

I have met and spoke with my new adviser atAuburnand I have to do 5 more days of student teaching before the end of the semester for the education program atAuburn. Tim and I have been on a campus tour and heard all the interesting history facts about the campus, which was a lot of fun.

I have started taking finals and wrote my final papers for the semester. I will be done with school on May 8th. Please continue to pray for us as we need strength to persevere and that we stay encouraged through the last days of the semester.

Counting all things loss,

Timothy and MaeLee Mathis

Prayer Request for New York

Prayer Warriors and Supporters:

We got our placement for the summer 2 days ago! We will be in Queens, New York working with a church plant in the neighborhood of Forest Hills. We are very excited about this and cannot wait to know more. Tim will be speaking with our supervisor tomorrow to find out more details about what all we will be doing.

One thing we do know is that we will have to raise a good bit of money for the summer. With this being said, we know that God will provide for us like He always does. We want to go ahead and ask all of you to be praying for us and the people of New York. We also want to ask that you pray about whether or not God is leading you to give financially to us. We need to raise $3322 for the both of us to fly there and back, living arrangements, food, and transportation for the 7 weeks while we are there.

So, please be praying for us and the people of New York. We will let you know more details about this mission trip when we know more. Thank you for all of your continued prayers and support for us.


Last week right after we posted, I found out that I (MaeLee) got accepted to Auburn University! Praise be unto the Lord for this blessing! We are both so excited about this opportunity and blessing. God most certainly knows what He is doing. Today, Tim and I went on a campus tour on Auburn’s campus. We were able to learn more information about the school and see all the buildings. I was telling Tim this weekend that I never would had thought that my undergraduate degree would come from Auburn University. I am just completely humbled by God and the blessings He gives me. Sometimes I just have to sit in awe of Him and all the things He has done in my life recently. I am just incredibly blessed to be married to the man of my dreams and live and serve Him in Auburn.

Tim came back from Together for the Gospel Friday morning around 5 AM. It has been so great to have him back home and with me! Last week was really lonely and dull around here. He helps keep me laughing and keep things lively at our house. He truly is my best friend! I do not know what I did to earn the kind of favor in God to receive Tim Mathis as my husband..I just know he is the second biggest blessing in my life!

I know he learned so much at the conference because he has been sharing all the details with me about the sermons he heard and the fellowship he had with the other interns and students. God has definitely been pouring His teaching into him this semester. I can tell how much his relationship with the Lord has grown since he started the program at Lakeview, especially this semester. Tim will be posting a video blog later tonight or tomorrow about Together for the Gospel.

On Monday night, I had one of my best friends, Emily, over for dinner and we got to talk and hang out for a while. Also on Monday night, I got a phone call from my brother, Ethan, telling me that he was going to the ER because my Paw-Paw was dizzy and sweating and could not stand up. It turned out to be that he had an allergic reaction to some nasal spray. Let’s just say that he will not be using that nasal spray again. Please continue to pray for him as every day is still a struggle with my grandmother’s death for him.

We still meet weekly with people we disciple on Thursday nights. Tim and the guy he disciples have been going through the book Forgotten God by Francis Chan. I have been going through the book Lies Young Women Believe and the Truth That Sets Them Free with the girl I am discipling. We are so blessed that God has given us this time and opportunity to do this with fellow believers.

Oh, we also got to go to A-Day on Saturday afternoon in Jordan-Hare Stadium. We were able to soak up some sun and get some walking in around campus and in downtown Auburn. War Eagle!

We hope you all have a great week and if there is any way we can pray for you, please let us know.

Update on the Mathii.

Sorry again for the lateness of this post, but life for us has been pretty busy as of late.

Tim is over strep throat now! Praise the Lord! And thank you for all the prayers for our family and friends. I ask that you continue to pray for our family in the days ahead.

I am now finished with my school observation hours as of last Monday! Whoo hoo! So I have more free time on my hands to work on school work and keep our house in order. There are only, I think, 3 weeks of school left in the semester for me! I am so excited for school to be over this semester. As most of you probably know, we leave for New York on June 21st this summer and will return back to Auburn August 10th! We are so excited about what the Lord has planned for us to do in NY!!

I got my test scores back on the Alabama Prospective Teacher Testing Program last week and I passed all three parts of it! This is definitely another praise! Any student who wants to become a teacher must pass this test to get into an education program.

Speaking of schools, I have a huge prayer request for you guys. Most of you know that I am at Auburn University in Montgomery right now. Well, I have applied to Auburn University a couple of weeks ago. I am waiting to hear back from them after they receive my transcripts from UWA and AUM. The reason I applied to AU is because right now I travel to Montgomery 2 days a week on Tuesday and Thursday and that works out great for us, but I could not do that with my schedule in the fall. In the fall, I will be having to go to Montgomery Monday-Friday and stay late for class twice a week and not get home until 11 pm or later on those nights. I do not want to be on the road that late at night and have to travel to Montgomery that much. I would much rather be at home with my husband more and be able to still be active in the ministries at Lakeview like I am. With all the time spent in Montgomery though, I wouldn’t be able to do those things as much as I able to now. So, the Lord is sovereign and in control of all things and I know He has the plan for me. It may be for me to transfer to Auburn and stay close to our home and take classes..or it could be for me to stay at AUM and travel that much. Only the Lord knows and in His timing it will be revealed to me. So, please pray that the Lord’s will be done in that area of my life.

Also, on Friday we got to visit the newest member of the Johnson family! Madeline Rose Johnson is Ryan & Mandy Johnson’s 4th little girl! She is absolutely precious and beautiful. We were so excited to meet her and hold her for as long as we were able to. This a picture of the beautiful girl:

Isn’t she a doll?!

This past weekend we had some friends come to spend the weekend with us. These friends were: Neal & Sarah Butler and Melvin Williams. We spent Friday night at Lakeview’s simulcast of Secret Church. Secret church is put on twice a year and is an intense Bible study and prayer time for our persecuted brothers and sisters in other countries. This secret church’s topic was “The Cross and Suffering”. David Platt did an amazing job of teaching the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. We didn’t go to bed until around 4 am Saturday morning! Haha! Oh my word! I cannot tell you the last time I stayed up that late! We got in from Secret Church after 1 am and then I cooked some breakfast food for us and then we stayed up playing board games. Saturday we got to just hang out with Neal and Sarah and spend time together. They left after dinner and more board games Saturday evening.

Yesterday was a wonderful Resurrection Day! Tim left for Louisville, KY right after lunch, though. 🙁 He will be gone until Friday morning. Today, he is in class and tomorrow starts the “Together for the Gospel” conference and it will end Thursday night. I know he will learning more about our Lord and Savior and come back with more knowledge and 30 more books to put on our bookshelves! 🙂 I am so proud of all he is doing for the Lord! I got to go with him this Thursday night to do evangelism on the streets of Auburn and it was so awesome to see him in action sharing the gospel with non-believers. Oh my goodness, I love him so much! 🙂

Please keep us in your prayers this week as Tim is in Kentucky and I am in Auburn. If there is any way we can pray for you, please let us know. Have a great week!

Healing and Sickness.

This past week has been a time of healing for us and my(MaeLee) family. We still have our moments, but God is healing all of us during this time of loss of my grandmother, or as I called her Gran-Gran. Speaking of family and loss, my Aunt Cindy’s, my mom’s sister, husband lost his mother this week. So they are getting a double whammy of loss and mourning right now. My cousins Chasity and Adam have now lost both of their grandmothers within less than two weeks of each other. I cannot imagine losing another family member right now, so please keep them in your prayers.

Another prayer request is that you pray for my sweet and precious husband as he is trying to get over strep throat. He started complaining of his throat hurting Monday morning when he woke up and it just got worse as the day went by and so I told him he needed to go to the doctor the next morning if he was still feeling bad. So on to the doctor he went and they diagnosed him with strep throat. He has been a very good patient and is starting to feel better.

And one more prayer request is for the Hooper family. This is the family that I grew extremely close to at my time at UWA. They are my second family, seriously. On Sunday night I got news that their three-year old, Archie V, is in the emergency room because he almost cut off his ear!! He was at a friend’s house sitting on a bar stool and fell down and cut his ear on the coffee table on the way down. He had cut it down to the cartilage and had to get stitches. Poor little guy! And this morning I got news from them that the husband of the family, Archie IV, who is in Honduras on a mission trip this week  is very sick. He has been vomiting and became dehydrated yesterday. He is a doctor and so he brought IV kits with him in case someone on the team needed them. It turns out that he needed one of them. Please pray for this family as it seems that Satan is attacking them this week. Pray that worries for each other in different countries will cease and that Archie will be able to complete what the Lord has called him to do in Honduras this week.

Last Friday night was “Ladies Night Out” for the staff and intern wives and women’s leadership committee for Lakeview Baptist. We gathered together for a night of some one-on-one time with Dr. Al Mohler’s wife, Mary. It was a great time of being able to learn from her wisdom of being a wife in the ministry. Dr. Al Mohler is the president of Tim’s seminary, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

We went saw October Baby last Saturday. It is an incredible movie that is a “must see”!! You can check out more here.  After the movie, my cousin Samantha came and hung out with this until late into the night. That was a lot of fun for us!

On Sunday, we had lunch at Bro. Al and Mrs. Kem’s house with Dr. Mohler and his wife for some more fellowship. Tim and the rest of the interns were able to meet with Dr. Mohler and the wives met with Mary again.


We have had a great week and we just ask that you keep us in your prayers and remember the prayer requests mentioned above.

-The Mathii

Last Week’s Update.

Sorry that this blog post later than usual. A lot has been going on and my(MaeLee) world has been turned upside down.

I was on Spring Break last week and got to do a few hours of observation for student teaching. Tim had some time off last week and had class scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

On Wednesday I talked to my mom and asked her how my grandmother was doing and she told me her sugar was really high and her O2 levels were down but a nurse was coming to get things straightened out. Thursday morning I got up to head to school to do some more observation hours and I almost to my turn to enter the school parking lot and Tim called me asking me to come home and not do my observation hours for the day. I kept asking him why but he insisted that I come home and he would explain more. I turned around and headed home and Tim was waiting for me at the door. He told me that my Paw-Paw called Ethan (my brother) and told him that my Gran-Gran passed away…

Tim stayed with me for about a hour and then headed to church to talk to his professor and he was very understanding of the situation and I told Tim I would be fine to stay in class for the day. We left to go to Monroeville when he came home from class. We stayed with my Paw-Paw the next three nights and four days.

I thought I was going to hold up through everything pretty well, but I was completely wrong. This woman, my Gran-Gran..Marian Boatwright, she helped raise me. I was her “precious angel”. She kept me every day throughout my elementary years. She took me to church when my mom couldn’t. She loved jewelry. She loved make-up. She loved helping people. She was St. Jude’s top fundraiser every year. She was a nurse. She was married to Charles Boatwright for over 56 years. What she thought came out her mouth. She was opinionated. And she was so amazing.

This is Gran-Gran and Paw-Paw at my cousin Adam’s wedding a few years ago.

Mine and Tim’s wedding day.

Family picture at our wedding.

I gained the name “precious angel” from my Gran-Gran when in 1989 she could no longer be a nursery nurse due to having a shoulder problem. My mom found out that she was pregnant with me soon after that happened. Since my mom would have to go back to work after she had me, she would need someone to take care of me and my Gran-Gran volunteered for the job. She started taking care of me every day and called me her “precious angel” because taking care of me made her feel like she was a nursery nurse again. She often argued with my mom that I was her little girl rather than my mom’s little girl.

I want to say thank you to everyone for the prayers, phone calls, texts, cards, emails, and food. Please keep my family in your prayers in the days to come. My Paw-Paw ask that you do not stop praying for him. I have never seen someone look so alone in a room full of people. It breaks my heart to see him this way and go through this. But my God is good and faithful. My grandmother is completely healed and rejoicing in heaven.

Home Sweet Auburn

We are officially “The Mathii” now! We are so excited about this new chapter of our lives!

The wedding went wonderfully well last Saturday. We had a few stumblings over my dress, a ring bearer falling off stage, and a lot of nerves and emotions flowing, but it was perfect. I do not think I have ever been more nervous in my life! I was more nervous about saying my vows than anything else. After those were said and I had my wedding band on my hand, it was smooth sailing from there. (Sidenote: If you didn’t notice in the ceremony, Tim could not get the wedding band on my hand. My hands had swollen up from all of my nerves. After we lighted our unity candle, I got it on my finger correctly.) I whispered to Tim on stage that “I can finally breathe and don’t feel nervous anymore”. Tim wasn’t nervous at all..lucky. I don’t know how he managed that, but I know now that all the time, effort, stressing, and decorating was all worth it!

Our favorite part of the ceremony was the worship. It was so incredible to be worshiping hand in hand as bride and groom. We wanted the sole focus to be on God, and we feel that it was. Another favorite part of the day for me(MaeLee) was taking pictures with everyone. Taking pictures with 9 bridesmaids, 9 groomsmen, 5 flower girls, and 2 ring bearers tends to be chaotic, but a lot of fun! The parents trying to make their kids stop crying and actually smile was pretty hysterical!

I think I was more nervous Friday than I was Saturday. Friday went by so fast that I didn’t have time to think! We were all trying to get last minute stuff, get nails done, meet and greet everyone that kept arriving at different times, call and direct people to hotels and the church, and decorate. During rehearsal we had kids running around everywhere, people meeting each other for the first time, and lots of laughter! It was a really great time. Then, we had dinner that was phenomenal! Our best man, matron of honor, and maid of honor shared great stories and gave awesome advice. A lot of our family and friends shared some more wonderful things.

Also, at rehearsal we found out where we were going on our honeymoon!! We spent 3 days and 4 nights in Gulf Shores, AL at Sunrise Village. It was so great to be away from the daily distractions and interruptions. We went out to eat at Tacky Jack’s, LuLu’s, and Lambert’s. We got some special treatment at the movies one night for being honeymooners, which landed us a free popcorn. At Lambert’s, they announced to everyone and made Tim where ribbon around his head. 🙂 We also shopped, watched movies, and lots of other things.

We are now back in home sweet Auburn and getting things unpacked and tucked away in our house! We will be spending Christmas day with Tim’s family in Eufaula and will celebrate with my family in January. We are pumped about our first Christmas together as a married couple!!

We hope you all have a very merry Christmas and remember why we celebrate this special time of the year!!