Parental Learning

I think it may be it is a combination of things..maybe…probably…most definitely.

My sweet little boy is on the verge of turning TWO, he has a undeniable sin nature (just like the rest of us), he has a B I G personality, and he also has some anger issues that he has inherited through his genes. Sounds like the perfect storm for tantrums, right?


I found myself with my hands in the air in frustration with him multiple times this week. I have asked myself and God why parenting has to be so hard?! Sure, people warn you about the sleepless nights (BOTH OF MY KIDS SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT LAST NIGHT–Win!), the gas pains, the multiple feedings, and how they grow up too quickly…BUT no one tells you that you may have a strong-willed child and how to parent them in the right way and how to nurture them to become the natural-born leader that they are.


Yesterday was the day that the Lord reminded me through Cam that THIS is how I am with Him. I disobey, I get frustrated with Him, I get angry, I’m selfish and want things to go my way, and most importantly I *need* Him!! Thankfully God gives me grace and His mercies new every morning! Lamentations 3:22 says, “The steadfast love of the Lord never cease so; His mercies never come to an end”. I’m so grateful for this truth that we have. My children have seriously been my greatest teachers of the Lord’s love, grace, and forgiveness. Being their mother has been the most sanctifying job I’ve ever had! I’m also so thankful that we have God as our guide through this parenting journey. Without Him we would definitely be lost and keep our hands in the air all of the time!

On another note, Cam is the absolute sweetest and best big brother that there has ever been. He loves to play with “sister”, help burp her, wipe her mouth, bring her a paci, and give her endless hugs and kisses. He is very protective of his little sister so you better not think of grabbing any of her things while he is around because he is quick to tell you “that baby’s!!” 🙂


Cam is also currently loving all things that involve cars, trains, and planes! He loves counting to three and then running. He says, “two, two, three, go!” I promise he learns a new word every. single. day. He surprises me with how much he learns and picks up on things I didn’t realize he was paying attention to. His favorite question is “what’s that?” as he is trying to figure everything out in this big world. Finally, his big personality also comes with a big smile and laugh!! I love when he bends over with hands on his knees belly laughing!!


imageI’m so glad I have all of these wonderfully good things throughout my days to outweigh the hard and difficult things of this parenting adventure. I’m thankful for grace that the Lord gives me and I’m so very thankful that He gave me my beautiful and wonderful children to raise up to one day, Lord willing, follow Him!


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