Motherhood Series: Meet Kem

On our last day of the #MotherhoodSeries I would like for you to get to know Kem Jackson. She writes what being a grandmother means to her! Kem is the wife to Al, mother to Josh, Hannah, and Naomi, and Mimi to nine wonderful grandchildren! Her husband Al is the pastor at Lakeview Baptist Church in Auburn, Alabama. Kem spends her time discipling young women, visiting with her children and grandchildren, investing in the intern/seminary wives at Lakeview, and is actively involved with the women’s ministry at Lakeview. She and Brother Al mean a great deal to me and Tim and we are forever thankful for the wisdom they have instilled in us!



Our firstborn was getting married soon. I sat him down to have a serious talk. “I think I know what I want for my 50th birthday (I was about to be 47),” I said. He looked at me strangely and said what?! I paused, then said ‘a grandbaby’! I want a grandbaby for my 50th birthday! “Mama,” he said! I responded, “you’ll be finished with law school and in your first year of practice! It will be perfect!” He was surprised I know! But you ‘have not because you ask not’! My request (my dream) came true as by my 50th birthday I had a precious grandson!

Fast forward 14 years and now my husband and I have 9 grands ages 14-2. They are a delight to my heart! Nothing makes me happier than to spend time with them! I look all year long for special treats to put in their Christmas stockings or special surprises to take when I visit them. I love to cook things they love to eat or maybe they cook with me when they come.

There is a small, pink book I keep by my bedside table. In it I have, with dates, those sweet cute things they say. I didn’t do this for my own children so I am making sure I remember these jewels. Some are rewarding. Like after family vacation when Sam said, “these have been the best days of my life”! Or cute phrases they say that become part of our vocabulary, like the ‘wetter and dryer’ or ‘that’s crazy and amazing’! They love for me to get the book out to hear what they or their cousins said when they were little.

Prayer is very important in grandparenting so I write some of mine in the margin of my bible. I am praying for beautiful feet for them (Romans 10:14-15). And their names are all around the page of Ephesians 2:8-9 for salvation, as each enters the years God calls them to Himself. I love to pray for them! As I get older and so do they, I know I can always be part of their lives through prayer. Their world is changing and they are growing up with many temptations, but this grandmother knows where to turn. The bible relieves my worries and fears for their future. It says, ” Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Ephesians 4:6

To see my own children and their spouses raise my grandchildren to know and walk with our God is joy to my heart. It is my privilege to join them in that, to encourage and pray for them to be wise in parenting.

Oh the fun I have…playing ball, having tea parties, trying to beat them at board games (Sorry is my fav!), reading books and having devotions. Yes, my dream came true. The sweetest words I know are ‘Mimi, I love you’!

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