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I am 5 whole months old! Mom and Dad are starting to wig out a bit because that means I am almost 1/2 year old. Crazy people. Crazy stuff.

My fifth month did not disappoint like the rest of my months in this ole’ world. It was quite eventful as it kicked off 5 days worth of traveling for Thanksgiving week. I made the parents question all kinds of things those 5 days..like ever getting in the car again or having another child. (Ha!) I mentioned in my last post that I truly hate the car seat. And it’s true that I do and I REALLY let them know my feelings on that blasted thing called the car seat. I screamed and screamed and cried and cried most of all of rides in the car that week. What can I say, I like to be home.


Happy Turkey Day!

I have to keep my eye on this guy.


I sure do love my cousin Alexis. And MiMi too!


Me and Huckabee are tight.


Me and my two namesakes. They are something else.


I got a lesson on the piano from Pap.


Gram likes to sing to me.


When the riding got bad, I decided to do some driving. (Not really.)


Five generations strong of the Little’s. (Dad, MiMi, MamMaw, Me, and PawPaw)

I was happy to see family that week, but I was a completely different (and normal again) baby once we arrived back home. But because my crazy parents did all that traveling it really messed up the schedule Mom had me on and I decided to stop sleeping through the night. (Muahahaha!…My evil plan of revenge on them!) I also decided that every time they “thought” it was nap time to throw a grand fit. (Once again..muahahaha!) The parents loved it..not! Getting up one to three times a night for a few weeks was great. I had lots of play time in the bed.

Speaking of beds…my parents decided to not let me sleep in my beloved swing anymore after they caught my legs dangling off the end of it in the middle of the night. Needless to say, this definitely didn’t help my sleeping arrangements. (I also was going through the 4 month sleep regression.) Lots of changes this month. Mom and Dad decided to lay the law down on sleeping on my back/side by placing me in the pack-n-play, but that typically only last a few hours at the most and then I sneak into bed with them because they love their sleep so much and cuddling with me. Word on the street is though that Dad is going to REALLY lay the law down on that and put me back to sleep in the pack-n-play every time I wake up this month. (We shall see how that goes.)



Me and my BFF, Issac, having some play time. He’s a lot of fun


I get around pretty good in this thing until I get stuck in a corner.


Mom thinks I am just the cutest child ever. (And it’s true!)

I got my first cold this month and shared it with Mom. How thoughtful of me, right? I guess I inherited her sinus issues. I have really grown to hate that darn suction bulb. When I see it coming my way, I roll away from her as fast as I can. By the way, I am doing a LOT of rolling over these days. You won’t find me in the same place if you leave the room for 30 seconds. I am learning to pick my legs up and scoot around on my belly. Lifting up this belly of mine is driving kinda hard to do, but when you weigh 18.10 lbs you would find it hard to do too.


The parents’ friend Ashley took some nice pictures of me for the Christmas card.


Me and Uncle Ethan..he thinks it’s fun to put his hat on me and I don’t mind.


Me and my stud of a dad (Mom dresses us nicely)


I make some pretty cute faces these days.


Our first Jasper Christmas parade (C’mon Dad..even I can look at the camera!)

I have really grown this month. I went from 17.2 to 18.10 and I’m over 27 inches now. My legs are proving to look like Mom’s..long. I am in size 3 diapers now or medium in cloth diapers. And I am in mostly 9 months clothes now. I am a growing boy for sure.

Things I love at the moment: pat-a-cake, Toy Story, my walker, Mom doing crazy dances, playing and sometimes pulling on Dad’s beard, sweet potatoes, biting shoulders, and of course bath time.

Things I don’t like so much: car seat (given), the evil suction bulb,┬ásour peas (Mom calls them sweet peas, but there’s nothing sweet about them), avocado, and being left alone in the room.

See you when I hit the 1/2 year mark, Lord willing.


Grace and Peace- Cam

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