{My Sweet Cam}

My sweet Cam:

You have been in our world for 12 weeks now. 12 weeks. Wow! This has been the fastest, craziest, most eventful, and most full of blessings quarter of a year of my entire life.
I learn more and more about you every day. Your personality is starting to shine as for the most part you are a happy baby boy. You have a mighty big temper at times when you kick and flail your arms and legs all the while screaming to the top of your lungs. 🙂 You love to smile at me and Daddy. And sometimes you laugh at us, but you laugh the most in your sleep when you dream sweet dreams.
You talk more and more each day and it is absolutely precious. I try to teach you how to say “hey”, “Momma”, and “Daddy”. I also try to share the gospel with you on a daily basis. I know you are so young and it is probably hard to understand anything I say right now, but it is important for you to know. It is important for you to know that God thought of you..He thought of you before the foundations of the world. God knew what day and time you would be born just like He knew He would send His Son to live a perfect life and die for all of our sins. We pray that you would come to know the Lord at an early age and do great things for His kingdom.
You made me a Mom, sweet boy. It has been the hardest job I have ever known. It has also been the best job I have ever known. You have the been one of the biggest blessings I have ever had and one of the most sanctifying things in my life. I have learned just how selfish I am and how deep my love can go. There have been days that are so long, but time is flying by. The saying is really true: “The days are long but the years are short.”
You cried real tears for the first time this past week and to be honest I cried tears right along with you because it broke my heart to see you actually cry. Speaking of crying, you are really becoming a “Momma’s boy”. I am a fan of this for sure. I have left you in the nursery a few times now, but the last time you gave the ladies in the nursery a run for their money. But you were fine as soon as you saw me and were placed in my arms. This also broke my heart, but made feel like a good mom at the same time.
I know you love me but you love your Daddy just as much. I love to watch the two of you play and talk together. You guys are really good at staring contests. You always win though because you don’t blink. 🙂
The past 12 weeks have been full of me smiling and laughing at and with you. They have been full of panic when you choke while eating or on your spit-up. Full of growth of you physically and me emotionally and mentally. They have been full of joy watching you grow. Full of tears from hormones to hard days to exhaustion to you growing and able to do new things. These past 12 weeks have been the best 12 weeks of our lives!
We rejoice in the Lord for your birth and life,Cam Mathis! We look forward to all the days, weeks, months, and years that the Lord Jesus blesses us with with you in our lives. Thank you for being you and letting your personality shine through your eyes, smiles, and laughter each day.
I love you baby boy.

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