{Cam-Three Months}

I am now 3 months old! Whoa time is flying by and it especially has this month with how busy Mom and Dad have made me. This has been a good and fun month for me.
Comparison picture. 🙂IMG_0434Just to make you swoon a little 😉
We have made trips to Birmingham, been to Curry volleyball and football games, had visitors every week, and took a trip to MiMi and Poppa’s house in Eufaula.
We stopped by AUM to see Uncle Ethan for a few minutes.
IMG_0340I ride in style these days.
Pap has came to visit a couple of times because he has been working in town. Poppa and NaeNae came to visit one weekend, too! They brought Dad a new grill so we had a fun time grilling and watching football together that weekend.
Aunt Teara rocking me to sleep.
Me and Alexis playing on the floor.
Pap is having a good time with me.
My time in Eufaula was great! I got to meet my Uncle Tyler, Aunt Sam, and cousin Alexis. Alexis wasn’t too sure about me at first but she warned up to me and has a lot to teach me. We had a lot of fun hanging out and talking with everyone. I think everyone got a turn putting me to sleep for a nap. They all seemed okay to cuddle with me for a little while.
You may be wondering if I have become a better traveler for Mom and Dad. The answer that question is that it has gotten a little better but I’m a much better traveler at night because I get to sleep for the ride. 🙂 And I really like my sleep!
Tummy timing it like a boss.
Dad taught me how to stick my tongue out.
I learned to roll over this month but have only done it twice. (I want to make it a big deal so I make sure there is enough time in between these big ordeals.) Oh and it probably doesn’t help matters that my parents started shouting and screaming the first time I did it either. They sure are some silly people. I also found my hands and like to put them in my mouth and suck on my fists. Mom sure watches me like a hawk and swoops in to grab my yummy hands out of mouth every stinkin’ time!  What am I going to do with this woman?!
Speaking of Mom..she sure can get weepy every time I do something new these days. She keeps making comments about “stay little”, “stop growing up”, and “you’re too small to be doing this”. C’mon woman..a guy has got to grow and move onto other things!!
I can now sit in my Bumbo seat. I like to sit in there and look around the room. It gives me a whole new perspective of the room. Also, I only like to sit for just a little while because I would rather stand up. When people try to sit me in their laps I like to straighten my legs to where I can stand and to let them know I don’t want to sit right then. Also, I’ve been teething for a little while and it is my top incisors. I know, I know you people think that it’s “too early” for me to have teeth and you keep telling my parents that I’m “making room for another baby”. BUT let me tell you something..I have got to grow up sometime (which is what I keep telling Mom) and there ain’t gonna be no other baby around here for while if I have anything to do with it. I’m all Mom can handle for a while. 🙂
In other news, I think I’m allowed to say that I’m sleeping through the night since I have done it for a week straight now. I usually go to sleep between 8:30-9:30 and Mom “dreamfeeds” me around 10 or 10:30 and I sleep until 6:30(sometimes 6 and other times 7). I made the parentals pretty proud on that one! Because of how well I’m sleeping at night I usually wake up in super great moods but I cannot speak about the 2% of the times when I don’t wake up in a good mood. 🙂
Some things that I enjoy these days are: play time with Mom and Dad, bath time (I’m learning to splash Mommy and it’s a lot of fun), looking at myself in the mirror, looking out windows, being outside, and pulling people’s hair and Dad’s beard.
Some things I don’t enjoy quite as much: being left alone, put on the floor without anyone to play with, that dreadful car seat, and being without my Mommy. (Yes, I am a “Momma’s boy”. And Mom seems to be okay with that.)
Well I gotta go and do some more growing up before next month!
Grace and Peace- Cam
P.S.- I bought a house. It’s the one we have been living in since moving to Jasper but we closed on it this past Monday. Finally homeowners!!
IMG_0406 IMG_0391

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