What a Big Boy We Have!

Last week our doctor ordered an ultrasound be done on me due to concern of my size this far along in pregnancy. He wanted to make sure Cam wasn’t “too small” or “low on amniotic fluid”. So on top of my regular check-up and already scheduled non-stress test we had an ultrasound to do as well. I was excited about the ultrasound because we hadn’t seen him since 27 weeks and that ultrasound was just for fun. 🙂

We went back for the ultrasound first and the tech asked why the doctor had ordered it and we told her and she said she understood and just wanted to double-check. She turned on the big screen tv for us to look at and started doing her thing. She found his head first and I kept seeing “EDD: 7/11/14” each of the 6 times she measured it. I knew “EDD” meant “Estimated Due Date”..so I asked her, “Does this mean Cam’s due date should be tomorrow??” She told us that estimate was based on just his head size, but if his stomach and femur bone measured about the same then I was hiding a mighty big baby. She then measured his abdomen and femur bone. And guess what?!?!…At 37.5 weeks I have an 8 lb little man inside of me!! Shocked was not the word for the occasion.

The ultrasound tech said if she hadn’t actually done with scan she would not believe me if I told her I had an 8 lb baby on the inside of me. I probably wouldn’t believe me either, but it is true. She also told us that she prides herself in never being more than a couple of ounces off on the estimated weights she gives. Ha! She also told us that if I went another 2 weeks of pregnancy that she can see me having a 9 or 10 lb baby on my hands. So much for thinking he was a small little squirt! 🙂

We then saw the doctor and he looked over the ultrasound report and his words were: “Here we were concerned that he was too small and look how big he is measuring!” He measured my fundal height like every other appointment and as he was measuring he said, “You are doing a really good job at hiding a big baby.” Haha! We are glad that Cam is healthy and chunky. I think “healthy” (fat/chunky) babies are super cute anyways…plus the fact he is my own will make him even more adorable. Fact.

I’m still progressing along in pregnancy and my blood pressure is still running consistently high, but I don’t think there is much other they can do at this point. If he doesn’t come on his own this week, then we will more than likely schedule a date for next week to be induced. BUT we have been trying every home remedy possible to bring him on in the world the past few days. (I have more motivation than ever before to get him out since finding out how big he is and how big he could possibly be in a short amount of time!)

We ask that you pray for a healthy baby boy, mom, and delivery. We know that the Lord knows exactly when he will enter into the world, but we are anxious for his arrival and to bring him to his new home in Jasper. So we are also praying that he will arrive very soon.

P.S.- Sorry for no ultrasound pictures this go-around. We have a couple but with him being head down and crammed the picture quality isn’t very good and hard to make out what everything is. We hope to have some NEWBORN pictures of our boy SOON! 🙂

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