Week 35 for the Mathii

This has been a pretty eventful week for the 3 of us so far and will continue to be this way the rest of the week! We are currently in Eufaula for one more day and then we will travel for a few days and end up in Auburn on Tuesday and be there until Cam arrives!

We have had a few appointments for our boy this week, including a quick trip to labor and delivery to monitor my blood pressure. Over the weekend my blood pressure was running high consistently and scared us a little bit along with me almost passing out (again). Over the past 2 days it has mellowed back out, thankfully, and we pray it continues to stay this way.

At our doctor appointment yesterday Cam’s heart rate was 157 and strong. I will continue to have non-stress tests weekly at my appointments. I really don’t mind these tests because we get to hear his heartbeat for a solid 30 minutes. I don’t think CM particularly cares for my belly to have the straps/monitors on it though because he starts kicking really hard and bumps them around. 🙂

Cam is quickly running out of room as my torso isn’t long at all. Dr. Golden told me early on that I had a short torso and this was likely to happen. I can tell that Cam is crammed and probably uncomfortable like I am most of the time. 🙂 BUT! we do not have much longer to be like this and he will have all the room he could ever imagine!

We are counting down the days until this sweet boy’s arrival and being able to take care of him and see his face!

P.S.- We hope to have some extra special news to share come the end of this weekend. Please keep us in your prayers over the next few days! 🙂

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