28 Weeks and Goodbye to Home Sweet Auburn

Last week and this week have proven to be quite eventful for the Mathii family. We started packing up the house last week and have to finish packing it up by this upcoming Friday!

Also, family started coming into town on Friday night for my graduation from Auburn. This past weekend was great as I able to walk across the stage to receive my fake diploma without tripping. 🙂 My parents and Tim planned a surprise lunch for me, my family, and friends to enjoy at Town Creek Park, which was great! It was a busy and exciting day to say the least!


Funny story..so I thought I was not graduating with honors by 2 hundredths of a point. I had told Tim how disappointed I was about this because if my internship would have counted for a letter grade rather than pass or fail, I would have been boosted up to have honors at graduation. I had made a somewhat big deal about it between the two of us..not that I had to have honors to graduate or seem significant. I eventually got over it, though. After graduation and our after-party, Tim asked me if I stood up when they asked the graduates with certain honors to stand up. I told him, “No, remember I didn’t graduate with honors?” He informed me the program from graduation indicated that I did have honors. I looked the next day and come to find out I did graduate cum laude. Ha! I obviously didn’t know what GPA requirements were for the different honors because I just assumed what they were and I was 2 hundredths of a point away from magna cum laude. And I also didn’t pick up the honors cord that was waiting for me with my cap and gown. Whoops! 🙂

Last week we were also able to go to Columbus to see our little man in 3D and 4D for the first time! It was so much fun and so exciting to see what his face looks like and see him move in real time. We were able to see him swallow, yawn, smile, and grimace. He is the cutest thing ever!! We were amazed at how great technology can be and be able to get an idea of some of his features.


I made a collage of these pictures for our moms for mother’s day. Don’t worry..I gave them their gifts on Saturday because I couldn’t wait for them to see the pictures! They didn’t know that we had even went to have them done, so it was a nice surprise. 🙂 At 27.5 weeks he weighed 2 lb and 5 oz!

Our little guy is now 28 weeks! He is the size of an eggplant this week. Pregnancy is flying by, but since summer is here I feel like it might start to slow down after this month due to us not being as busy with school. Cam should be able to open and close his eyes now. He also should have some eyelashes.

This Sunday will be a day to put in the books for the Mathii for sure. It will be my first Mother’s Day, our last Sunday at Lakeview, and Tim is being ordained to be a minister of the Gospel!

I am already preparing myself to an emotional wreck come Sunday. Lakeview has meant the world to us over the past 3 years and it is most definitely bittersweet to leave such a beautiful body of Christ! Tim being ordained is a day that we have long awaited for during his internship/seminary years.

We have many memories from our time in Auburn as this was our first home as a married couple. And although it is sad to leave Auburn we know that God has something just as great planned for us in the next season of life. (We just do not know exactly what that is just yet.)

We ask that you continue your prayers for us as we will be living out of our suitcases in the coming weeks and waiting on the Lord to show where to go next. 🙂

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