26/27 weeks with “Cammy Cam”


This is shot from when I was 24 weeks preggo.



We had such a great shower for our boy in Auburn last weekend! This is a painting our friend, Tara, made for Cam.


This is a shot from 25 weeks of pregnancy. (I’m trying to play catch up.)


With these weeks coming and going and so much other “life stuff” happening pregnancy brain has really set in for me. Sunday morning I was scrambling eggs before church and took the pan off the eye. I was putting eggs on my plate and some fell off the spatula and into the hot eye I was just using. Without even thinking twice I put my plate down and picked up the hot eye to get the egg out and clean up. I didn’t have to hold my hand there for only 2 seconds to figure that it was a HOT EYE and I screamed! Cam jumped and I said to myself, “What were you thinking?!”

There you have it..pregnancy brain in full force. 🙂

With this past week and this week we are in now a lot has happened and is going to happen. I am finished with my undergraduate career. I said goodbye to classes on Friday and it truly was bittersweet. I received lots of hugs and cards. One card and XL Hershey bar came from a student who I have struggled with all semester. This student gave me a run for my money with behavior problems that included me having multiple parent conferences with the parents. The past 2 weeks this student decided to have a change of heart and listen to my instructions without any more problems. The card this student gave me was really sweet. The student apologized for how they acted and told me they were going to miss me and that I was going to be a great mother. I thank the Lord for ending my internship on that note. 🙂

This week Cam has been the most hyperactive little fella around! He should be around 2 lbs now, which is crazy to think about, and 14.5 inches long. We are so thankful that God is seeing fit to keep growing this sweet boy! Also, this past Saturday morning I felt this little man move 40+ times in less than 1 hour! Wowzers! 🙂


Cam is considered as big as a head of cauliflower this week. I find this comparison the oddest of them all so far. To me it just doesn’t make as much sense as the other fruits and vegetables.

Cam’s heart rate was a good and strong 150 bpm at our check up this week. Also, I passed my glucose test! (YAY!!) But along with that my blood pressure has started rising again, unfortunately. My doctor warned me at our last visit that this might happen just because of being in the last trimester. So, my medicine has been increased to help level it out and not be so high. We will have one more visit here in Auburn before moving.

Also, this week Cam will get to do something that a lot of children in the womb do not get to experience. He will get to walk with me to receive my diploma from Auburn University this Saturday morning, Lord willing. I am so excited to experience this day with my family and friends as this been 6 years in the making for me. God has seen me through this in every season of life and directed each step on this path.

We continue to receive so much love for this son of ours that has so quickly stolen our hearts. Our second bedroom is full of things for Cammy Cam to wear and use when he arrives. We anticipate his arrival with welcoming arms and open hearts! Thank you to all who love us and love our boy.

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