Second Trimester with Baby Mathis

Well folks..I am officially in the second trimester (hence the title) with Baby Mathis!! This is supposed to mean that my energy should start to return and the whole “morning” sickness should start to fade away. I am eagerly awaiting these things to happen!

So far I can tell that my energy has increased a little and by that I mean that I am able to not yawn as much throughout the day and can hold my eyes open past 7:00 PM. This also may be happening because I have been able to hold down my Spark this week. As far as the sickness goes..there has been like 3 days since week 7 that I haven’t gotten sick at all, but I “think” (I’m really praying) I am down to only getting sick once a day. But as soon I say that I will be back to my 6-8 times per day of sickness…so you can join me in prayer on that. 🙂

But I am 2 days away from being 15 weeks pregnant!! This means I am starting to show some AND we are getting closer to put a NAME on this baby!! I’m starting to get pretty impatient to find out if we are going to be graced with the presence of EmmaLee-Tyler or Cam. Since I had 3 extra days off this week due to the snow I decided to look up the meanings of the names we have picked out. EmmaLee-Tyler’s middle name will be Jean and I found out that Jean means “God is gracious“. Cam’s name would literally mean “handsome man” because Charles means “man and Allen means “handsome”. So either way I think Tim and I picked out some really great names after finding out their meanings. (If they weren’t awesome names already.)

Also, this week Baby Mathis is the size of a lemon and 3.5 inches long, which is crazy because 2 weeks ago he/she was the size of a lime and only 2 inches long. We have gotten to hear the heartbeat twice in the past couple of weeks and it has been 162 and 163 bpm. I think we are having a girl based on how sick I have been and how fast the heartbeat has been, but the dreams I have had tell me otherwise.

For those of you who do not know about my dreams of pregnancy this is news to you, BUT I have had 5 dreams of women being pregnant before they announced to the world their news. Prophetic?..maybe. 🙂 I had a 6th dream about someone but it may be years before it comes true. 🙂

Some of you may be wondering what my “high-risk pregnancy” looks like (or maybe you’re not)…it looks like me going to the doctor weekly, which I am thankful for having a great doctor that wants to keep a good check on me and make sure everything is progressing well. I am now on a pregnancy-safe blood pressure medicine that I take twice per day. Things will get a little more intense when I get around 26 weeks because I will start having really long doctor appointments twice per week. Because of my heart condition my doctor said his goal is for me to get to the point to where the baby’s lungs are developed and probably will not let me go past point. So with that said we could possibly have a June baby rather than an end of July baby.

Our prayer is for God to allow me to carry this baby as long as He lets me. We also pray for my health and the baby’s health to be in great shape. I think everything will be fine as long as my blood pressure is under control and my stress levels stay down. We ask that you pray alongside of us the next 5 months.

Hopefully the next time we update we can announce the gender! 🙂

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