Busy Last Year of Seminary

It has been far too long since we las updated you on our lives. It is crazy to believe that we over half way through our last fall semester in Auburn. I have already registered  for my internship next semester!

We are truly trying to make the most of our last few months here by spending time with people here and the Lord has truly crafted our time, especially weekends, to allow that to happen by keeping us busy with school and ministry activities. We want to build relationships here in Auburn that will last and when we leave Auburn we want to look back with happy memories. So, we are trying to be active in our newlywed SS class and spend time with other couples in the same stage of life as us. We have been blessed to form friendships with the Pugh, Wimberly, Werk, Taylor, McAdam, and Barber families.

Tim has been working with missions and administration this fall, while I have been working with 3rd graders. We have been busier than we have ever been before. I am taking 16 hours of school while being in the schools 21 hours per week PLUS homework. I am most definitely looking forward to next semester when all I have to focus on is my wonderful internship!!

My sweet husband has been working hard with his classes as we close to the end of the craziest month ever for us! He has had tons of classes, missions festival, and a conference this month, which has made it busy and very good! The fast pace life is good, but it is also good to slow down and enjoy life. We are in great need of a date night soon. 🙂

This semester I have been incredibly blessed to be mentored by a great friend and fellow Lakeview staff wife, Shannon. She is probably one of the greatest people I have ever known. She is mentoring and keeping me accountable to become a better wife to my husband. While I love Shannon..I love her daughter, Promise, just as much. I am learning more about Shannon and Michael’s adoption process in bring Promise home since that is something Tim and I greatly desire to do.

Also, this semester I have been able to meet weekly with my friend, Margaret. This has been a time of accountablilty for Margaret and where we get to share life together and study God’s Word.  Margaret is from China and so I have been able to try moon cakes and learn a few Chinese words through her. 🙂 It has been a joy to be able to grow in our friendship and as sisters in Christ.

On a final note, I would like to blog more frequently and I am looking for a way to do that. Would you like to suggest something I could blog about weekly? I do have a list of freezer meals I have thought about posting since I have recently gotten into that, but I am thinking of coming up with a question I can answer weekly…

Have a fabulous weekend! 🙂


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