Update on the Mathii

Well family and friends, if you have noticed our website has changed quite a bit since the last time we posted an update. We are still adding things to it as time progresses, but we are trying to get up to date with the cool website trends. 🙂

Some changes we have made include: separation between mine and Tim’s blog updates, seminary updates, video blogs, Tim’s sermons, and pictures of us (because we know how much you love looking at us). Ha! Also, the symbol on the left side of the page is “Mathii” in Greek. Tim has been learning Greek this semester and has been loving it!

This semester has been quite different from last semester for both us. We have been busier and it seems like we travel somewhere every weekend. So, let me get you up to date on what we have been doing since our late update…

I have been accepted into the Elementary Education major/cohort at Auburn University. I am one of the blessed 25 to be in the cohort starting next semester. I have to give all the credit to God for being accepted into the program because He is the ONLY reason of how I got accepted out of all the people that applied and interviewed. I will be taking 17 hours next semester and be in the schools more.

We have celebrated my Paw-Paw’s 83rd birthday, Tim and the other interns have met with the North American Mission Board president, Kevin Ezell, Tim has been in Nashville for a few days of class, and I have completed my hours in the school system for the semester. Tim is doing GREAT in Greek this semester!! (I have to brag on him.) 🙂 He has really enjoyed it and will be taking a second Greek class next semester.

This is my last full week of class for the semester so I am pretty pumped about that! And this Saturday will mark 11 months of marriage for the us!! Whoo hoo!! I cannot believe that it has been almost a year since all the madness of wedding planning was going on. Wow! I can speak for both of us when I say that we are so thankful we are not still engaged. Marriage is beautiful and God-given and engagement is stressful and busy. We thank the Lord for these 11 months of marriage.

With all this said, we hope to have more updates in the future for you guys who are actually interested in what is going on in our lives. 🙂 Enjoy our new site!


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