New York, New York!

We left for New York yesterday afternoon. We had some sweet friends (The Pugh’s and Douthit’s) drive us to the ATL to catch our flight. BUT before we left to had to grab some really good grub, right? Right! We figured that there was not a Momma G’s in the NY/ NJ area so that is what we had. Tim says, “There is nothing better than a Momma’s Love.(the sandwich)” I do not necessarily agree with that, but Momma G’s is great!

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We did all of our packing yesterday morning after Tim had returned from New Orleans.

Getting ready to leave!


Our luggage for the trip.


On the way to ATL. (My husband in hilarious)

We had so to say our goodbyes to the Douthit’s once we got to the airport because they will be heading to Israel for Nathan to start medical school. They will be gone for 3 years, but we hope to visit them in less than two years.

On the way to ATL

The Mathii with the Douthit’s

Up in the air!


This is blurry, but you get the point.

When we finally made it to LaGuardia airport we were told to take a taxi to Manhattan to drop off our luggage at the association building and grab dinner. We both had the mindset that there were thousands of taxis in NY and so we would get one right away…BUT we were wrong. We waited in a  very long line for over 1 hour. A taxi finally came to our rescue though.

It wasn’t this exit taxi but this was as we were still waiting and right before we got into ours.

Tim, Ryno(another intern), and I rode to Manhattan together and experienced our first taxi ride in NY together. It was quite an adventure. The sky line at night was incredible and we could the beauty of the city and all of it’s sights.

Our first dinner in NY was a hotdog and the best coke we have ever tasted! Seriously, it was the BEST coke ever! Their signs said everything they sold was “all-natural” and I guess their coke was natural as well. Ryno had a hotdog and papaya juice.

This is Gray’s Papaya..Tim and Ryno are standing in front.

After Ryno said that his papaya juice was so good, I decided I would try some of their “all-natural” pina colada juice. I didn’t realize that the juice was really natural and had coconut pulp in it..yuck! Tim tried it and spit it right back out. So, everything at Gray’s Papaya wasn’t good to us.

The gross coconut and pineapple juice.

After we had dinner, our supervisor came and picked us up around 11:30 P.M. and took us back to his house for the next few days. We got stuck in traffic for a while due to construction and didn’t make it to New Jersey until 1:30 A.M. He showed the where we will be staying, which is the basement, and we went off to bed.

We will update you guys later on what we will be doing in the next couple of days. We will move to a new location on Monday for a few weeks and then we will be back here for the remainder of the time.

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