Prayer Requests and Memorial Day Fun

To start this post off, I have several requests for you to lift up that are near and dear to our hearts.

One of my best friends, Emily Sloan, left for Africa yesterday and will be gone for 11 days. She will be doing a lot of teaching on how to be healthy and clean. Pray that she will be a light for Jesus while she is there.

Another prayer request is for my cousin, Samantha. She is looking for a job as a middle school math teacher. She just heard that she has an interview Thursday with Smiths Station Junior High. Please be in prayer for this woman of God as God shows her the next step in her life.

This is Samantha.

And finally, please be in prayer for me and Tim as we are still trying to raise money for New York. If you would like more information about our trip, please call us at 334-434-2899 or 334-329-8221. If you would like to give to this mission, please mail your check or money to 1377 Hampton Drive Auburn, AL and make checks payable to Tim or me. We really need your prayers and financial support for this summer.

A highlight of our week last week was keeping 3 of the 4 Johnson girls! These are some of the MOST precious children we know! We ask them if we can adopt them all the time. 🙂

Memorial was a great one for the Mathii. We were so blessed to travel with some great friends to the ATL for a Braves game! Our sweet friends that joined us were the Wimberly’s, Douthit’s, Ryno, and Bo. It was a VERY hot day and we have our sunburn to show for it today, but it was my(MaeLee) first ever Braves game. Tim always gets a kick out of the things I say when we watch them on TV at home, so he was thrilled that I was able to say those things at an actual game.  (No worries, these are clean sayings..he just likes to laugh at me.) 

Oh, another prayer request..please pray for our friends, the Douthit’s. They are gearing up to head overseas for medical school. You can check out their blog,

PLEASE let us know how we can be praying for you. Have a great week!

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