Around the House

So, I told you last week that I would post pictures of our house. I got pictures of most of it for you guys that are curious. If you are not curious then this post is not for you. Sorry. 🙂

This is a view of part of the kitchen into the living room.

This would be part of our kitchen..our baker’s rack and pantry.

This is our fridge. 🙂 It is featured with people we are reminded to pray for every day, sweet notes, and invitations to upcoming events.

This is part of our living room.

Entertainment center in the living room.

Living room.

This is mine and Tim’s bed…haha..not! This is the second bedroom/office. If you will notice our awesome map on the wall. This map indicates unreached people groups and unengaged people groups with prayer cards of people who are serving in those areas.

Part of the second bedroom.

The office area of the second bedroom.

This is our bed. And this was taken right after we moved can the picture  on the side that is now hanging above our bed. I did not get to take pictures of our bedroom (as it is now), our bathroom, or laundry room. Those pictures will have to come later.

Thank you to all for the wonderful wall art, picture frames, and everything else we received as wedding gifts that we get to adorn our house with. 🙂

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