Last Week’s Update.

Sorry that this blog post later than usual. A lot has been going on and my(MaeLee) world has been turned upside down.

I was on Spring Break last week and got to do a few hours of observation for student teaching. Tim had some time off last week and had class scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

On Wednesday I talked to my mom and asked her how my grandmother was doing and she told me her sugar was really high and her O2 levels were down but a nurse was coming to get things straightened out. Thursday morning I got up to head to school to do some more observation hours and I almost to my turn to enter the school parking lot and Tim called me asking me to come home and not do my observation hours for the day. I kept asking him why but he insisted that I come home and he would explain more. I turned around and headed home and Tim was waiting for me at the door. He told me that my Paw-Paw called Ethan (my brother) and told him that my Gran-Gran passed away…

Tim stayed with me for about a hour and then headed to church to talk to his professor and he was very understanding of the situation and I told Tim I would be fine to stay in class for the day. We left to go to Monroeville when he came home from class. We stayed with my Paw-Paw the next three nights and four days.

I thought I was going to hold up through everything pretty well, but I was completely wrong. This woman, my Gran-Gran..Marian Boatwright, she helped raise me. I was her “precious angel”. She kept me every day throughout my elementary years. She took me to church when my mom couldn’t. She loved jewelry. She loved make-up. She loved helping people. She was St. Jude’s top fundraiser every year. She was a nurse. She was married to Charles Boatwright for over 56 years. What she thought came out her mouth. She was opinionated. And she was so amazing.

This is Gran-Gran and Paw-Paw at my cousin Adam’s wedding a few years ago.

Mine and Tim’s wedding day.

Family picture at our wedding.

I gained the name “precious angel” from my Gran-Gran when in 1989 she could no longer be a nursery nurse due to having a shoulder problem. My mom found out that she was pregnant with me soon after that happened. Since my mom would have to go back to work after she had me, she would need someone to take care of me and my Gran-Gran volunteered for the job. She started taking care of me every day and called me her “precious angel” because taking care of me made her feel like she was a nursery nurse again. She often argued with my mom that I was her little girl rather than my mom’s little girl.

I want to say thank you to everyone for the prayers, phone calls, texts, cards, emails, and food. Please keep my family in your prayers in the days to come. My Paw-Paw ask that you do not stop praying for him. I have never seen someone look so alone in a room full of people. It breaks my heart to see him this way and go through this. But my God is good and faithful. My grandmother is completely healed and rejoicing in heaven.

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