Healing and Sickness.

This past week has been a time of healing for us and my(MaeLee) family. We still have our moments, but God is healing all of us during this time of loss of my grandmother, or as I called her Gran-Gran. Speaking of family and loss, my Aunt Cindy’s, my mom’s sister, husband lost his mother this week. So they are getting a double whammy of loss and mourning right now. My cousins Chasity and Adam have now lost both of their grandmothers within less than two weeks of each other. I cannot imagine losing another family member right now, so please keep them in your prayers.

Another prayer request is that you pray for my sweet and precious husband as he is trying to get over strep throat. He started complaining of his throat hurting Monday morning when he woke up and it just got worse as the day went by and so I told him he needed to go to the doctor the next morning if he was still feeling bad. So on to the doctor he went and they diagnosed him with strep throat. He has been a very good patient and is starting to feel better.

And one more prayer request is for the Hooper family. This is the family that I grew extremely close to at my time at UWA. They are my second family, seriously. On Sunday night I got news that their three-year old, Archie V, is in the emergency room because he almost cut off his ear!! He was at a friend’s house sitting on a bar stool and fell down and cut his ear on the coffee table on the way down. He had cut it down to the cartilage and had to get stitches. Poor little guy! And this morning I got news from them that the husband of the family, Archie IV, who is in Honduras on a mission trip this week  is very sick. He has been vomiting and became dehydrated yesterday. He is a doctor and so he brought IV kits with him in case someone on the team needed them. It turns out that he needed one of them. Please pray for this family as it seems that Satan is attacking them this week. Pray that worries for each other in different countries will cease and that Archie will be able to complete what the Lord has called him to do in Honduras this week.

Last Friday night was “Ladies Night Out” for the staff and intern wives and women’s leadership committee for Lakeview Baptist. We gathered together for a night of some one-on-one time with Dr. Al Mohler’s wife, Mary. It was a great time of being able to learn from her wisdom of being a wife in the ministry. Dr. Al Mohler is the president of Tim’s seminary, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

We went saw October Baby last Saturday. It is an incredible movie that is a “must see”!! You can check out more here.  After the movie, my cousin Samantha came and hung out with this until late into the night. That was a lot of fun for us!

On Sunday, we had lunch at Bro. Al and Mrs. Kem’s house with Dr. Mohler and his wife for some more fellowship. Tim and the rest of the interns were able to meet with Dr. Mohler and the wives met with Mary again.


We have had a great week and we just ask that you keep us in your prayers and remember the prayer requests mentioned above.

-The Mathii

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