{Cam- 8 Months}


Can you believe that I am 2/3rds of a year old?!? Mom and Dad certainly cannot begin to fathom that these days. I keep telling them that is what I do..I just grow, grow, grow! Sue me! 🙂

I have been able to do a lot of new things these days! I can clap my hands to say “yay!” and when Mom and Dad sing “pat-a-cake”. Mom thinks it is so cool that I have been watching her do it for 7 months now and I can do it myself without being told to clap. I crawl around on my belly and get where I want to go. I also move at lightning speed in my walker these days!

Also, I can say “hey!” and “Dada” and I have even put those two words together. Mom is “patiently” waiting for me to say her name. Looks like she will have to wait just a little longer for that to happen.

I mentioned in my last blog that I would fill you guys in on my trip to Disney. Well, as you all may know I love watching Toy Story 3 in the car while we ride places. (It is supposedly the ONLY way I ride calmly.) I really love Woody and I laugh and smile when he is on the iPad screen. And I got to MEET WOODY in the Magic Kingdom! How cool is that?! Mom and Dad were afraid that I might get scared and cry when I met him, but nope..not me! I told him to “Reach for the sky!” and he did. We gave each other high-fives and he touched my face. We even took a picture together to remember the moment. It was really cool to finally meet him!

DSC_0371 DSC_0343 DSC_0379 DSC_0382 DSC_0383

Dad ran a 1/2 marathon the morning of the day we went to Magic Kingdom. He is my hero! He ran 13.1 miles in 3:04..talk about a stud! Mom and Dad said I was the real MVP of the trip, though! I handled Disney and Universal Studios like a boss!

The day after we got back from Disney it snowed like 7 inches at my house! How “cool” is that?! I loved being out in the snow. I liked that cold, wet stuff hitting my face as it was falling from the sky. Dad built a snow man and Mom made snow cream! The snow stuck around for a few days and it was fun while it lasted.

10460817_10204737655093831_117438399266104027_n 10959343_10204730028423169_2242111396889721738_n 10959745_10204715769146696_778485488253079938_n 11024756_10204860498884849_613944824848896988_n 11025168_10204731696224863_116738167213990251_n 11041788_10204909053818692_4377909450217915998_n

This month Dad had 2 big events going on for the youth..D-Now and Acts 1:8 Missions weekend. It was fun to see our friends from Abbeville and get to hear some of Dad’s close friends preach.

In other news, Mom says I’m rarely still these days. What can I say..I like to move, woman! I’m also being told “no-no” with a shaking finger a lot, too. I’m a curious boy and like to pull everything down to my level and open drawers and cabinets so I can inspect it. 🙂 Mom has to do a lot of “redirecting my attention” now. I’m just trying to spice up her job as Mom a little.

See ya when I’m 3/4ths of a year old!

Cam- {6 & 7 Months}

Cam- 7 months 3 Cam- 7 months 6 Cam- Valentine 8 Cam- Valentine 12

Man, have I been busy or what?! Sorry for not updating you like I was supposed to last month but the parents have kept me super busy here lately with so many activities and fun things to do. Plus, I have gotten my 2 bottom teeth and we all know how much work that takes, right?

Christmas came and it was a lot of fun tearing into gifts and eating tissue and wrapping paper. I would get kinda upset every time Mom would take a piece away from my mouth because I was more concerned about it than the toy/book/clothing that was in it, but I recovered. I have had so many good times already playing with and wearing all my new things everyone got me. I sure am loved by some pretty special folks!

Next on the agenda was the youth winter trip! We had a great time together on that trip in Woodland, GA! Mom and I skipped the Six Flags part of the trip though. They say I’m too little to ride and Mom’s heart and blood pressure cannot handle the rides anymore. So we came home a few hours earlier than everyone else. Dad made it back in time to give Mom a New Year’s kiss, though! As for me…I rang in the new year by sleeping. 🙂

The whole month of January is kind of a blur! Lots of church activities going on and it has only gotten busier since then. As far as the church nursery though, I give all the ladies a hard time on Sunday mornings. I somewhat refuse to nap for them and scream and cry instead. Mom has had to come put me to sleep for them a couple of times or just take me with her wherever she goes. You could say I am attached to her or a Momma’s boy, but she doesn’t mind one little bit. 🙂

Mom and Dad usually keep me in the service each Sunday through the music and then take me to the nursery. I love listening to the music and looking around at everyone. They all say I’m very curious and attentive and I guess those are good things. In the weeks and months to come, I will hopefully stay in the service longer and longer to hear Bro. John preach the good Word! The only reason I don’t stay in longer right now is because I like to “help” Bro. John preach. 😉

February has been a good month for me too! I just got back from Disney World this week and I had a blast! I will have to tell you all about it in my next update, though. The week has been the best week ever, basically. It is very unlikely I will ever get a repeat of this week. We came home from Disney World and the next day it snowed about 8 inches! I laughed the whole time we were outside because the snow kept getting me in the face while it was falling!

Cam 6-27 Cam 6-13 Cam 6-12 Cam 6-10 Cam 6-9 Cam 6-6

Dad and Mom bought me a new carseat and it has been a lot better riding places with them thus far. I can see out the window and out the back glass of the car now. It makes riding more enjoyable as I can see where we are going and I’m not trying to sit up the whole time because I’m already sitting up! The ride to Disney was a lot better than anticipated, but says it is because she praying during my MOTN feedings for me to ride better. 🙂

Some things I am doing now: scooting on my belly in circles and backwards, grabbing all things, sitting up for longer periods of time, and making jungle noises. It sounds like I say “bye-bye” these days, but I don’t think I can claim it as word just yet. My favorite sounds to make are “ba”, “ah”, and squeals!

Things I love: playing with Daddy and Mommy, reading books, playing in the tub, rolling away from Mom and Dad as they try to change my diaper or dress me, watching Toy Story 3 in the car, jumping in my exersaucer, and being in the walker.

Hopefully next month’s update won’t be quite as late, but it is another busy month for us Mathii. 🙂

P.S.- If you want to keep up with me more often, I have an Instagram account with the username: cammathis.

P.P.S- My mom is photographing her first wedding next weekend, so if you are needing a photographer you should check her out because she takes all of my pics. 🙂

{Cam-5 Months}

IMG_1040 IMG_1009 IMG_0841

I am 5 whole months old! Mom and Dad are starting to wig out a bit because that means I am almost 1/2 year old. Crazy people. Crazy stuff.

My fifth month did not disappoint like the rest of my months in this ole’ world. It was quite eventful as it kicked off 5 days worth of traveling for Thanksgiving week. I made the parents question all kinds of things those 5 days..like ever getting in the car again or having another child. (Ha!) I mentioned in my last post that I truly hate the car seat. And it’s true that I do and I REALLY let them know my feelings on that blasted thing called the car seat. I screamed and screamed and cried and cried most of all of rides in the car that week. What can I say, I like to be home.


Happy Turkey Day!

I have to keep my eye on this guy.


I sure do love my cousin Alexis. And MiMi too!


Me and Huckabee are tight.


Me and my two namesakes. They are something else.


I got a lesson on the piano from Pap.


Gram likes to sing to me.


When the riding got bad, I decided to do some driving. (Not really.)


Five generations strong of the Little’s. (Dad, MiMi, MamMaw, Me, and PawPaw)

I was happy to see family that week, but I was a completely different (and normal again) baby once we arrived back home. But because my crazy parents did all that traveling it really messed up the schedule Mom had me on and I decided to stop sleeping through the night. (Muahahaha!…My evil plan of revenge on them!) I also decided that every time they “thought” it was nap time to throw a grand fit. (Once again..muahahaha!) The parents loved it..not! Getting up one to three times a night for a few weeks was great. I had lots of play time in the bed.

Speaking of beds…my parents decided to not let me sleep in my beloved swing anymore after they caught my legs dangling off the end of it in the middle of the night. Needless to say, this definitely didn’t help my sleeping arrangements. (I also was going through the 4 month sleep regression.) Lots of changes this month. Mom and Dad decided to lay the law down on sleeping on my back/side by placing me in the pack-n-play, but that typically only last a few hours at the most and then I sneak into bed with them because they love their sleep so much and cuddling with me. Word on the street is though that Dad is going to REALLY lay the law down on that and put me back to sleep in the pack-n-play every time I wake up this month. (We shall see how that goes.)



Me and my BFF, Issac, having some play time. He’s a lot of fun


I get around pretty good in this thing until I get stuck in a corner.


Mom thinks I am just the cutest child ever. (And it’s true!)

I got my first cold this month and shared it with Mom. How thoughtful of me, right? I guess I inherited her sinus issues. I have really grown to hate that darn suction bulb. When I see it coming my way, I roll away from her as fast as I can. By the way, I am doing a LOT of rolling over these days. You won’t find me in the same place if you leave the room for 30 seconds. I am learning to pick my legs up and scoot around on my belly. Lifting up this belly of mine is driving kinda hard to do, but when you weigh 18.10 lbs you would find it hard to do too.


The parents’ friend Ashley took some nice pictures of me for the Christmas card.


Me and Uncle Ethan..he thinks it’s fun to put his hat on me and I don’t mind.


Me and my stud of a dad (Mom dresses us nicely)


I make some pretty cute faces these days.


Our first Jasper Christmas parade (C’mon Dad..even I can look at the camera!)

I have really grown this month. I went from 17.2 to 18.10 and I’m over 27 inches now. My legs are proving to look like Mom’s..long. I am in size 3 diapers now or medium in cloth diapers. And I am in mostly 9 months clothes now. I am a growing boy for sure.

Things I love at the moment: pat-a-cake, Toy Story, my walker, Mom doing crazy dances, playing and sometimes pulling on Dad’s beard, sweet potatoes, biting shoulders, and of course bath time.

Things I don’t like so much: car seat (given), the evil suction bulb, sour peas (Mom calls them sweet peas, but there’s nothing sweet about them), avocado, and being left alone in the room.

See you when I hit the 1/2 year mark, Lord willing.


Grace and Peace- Cam

{Cam- 4 Months}

What’s up 4 months?? Sorry to be fashionably late with my blog post, but I am busy man these days. I’m excited to be 4 months old now, though (closer to 5 months now). I am starting to really let my personality shine these days. And I have to say that I have a pretty awesome one at that! I smile and laugh a lot but I’m starting to become a little more stingy with those things. If you want a smile or laugh out of me you have to work for it.
DSC_0350 DSC_0347
This month was another big one, but month 5 is going to be the biggest yet due to Thanksgiving and Christmas. (More on that next blog)
I am now 17.2 lbs and 25.75 inches long with my head measuring 45 cm. If you’re wondering what that means for me..it means I am one big ole’ boy and I’m proud of it! I am in the 80th percentile for weight, 60th percentile for height, and 95th percentile for my head measurement! The doctor has re-measured my head after the nurse did the initial measurement at my last two appointments. They say I have a “Mathis head”, but Mom says that I have a lot of brains and am the next genius! 🙂
Some things that happened this past month are: me dressing up as a duck for the fall festival, going on my first trip with Dad and the youth for missions weekend, Gram and Pap visiting, PawPaw and Candi visiting, MawMaw and Grandpa Russell visiting too, and eating rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes and apples for the first time! I told you it was a big month!
These pictures document those things mentioned above.
Silly Dad wearing my costume because it was too hot to keep on!
Lots of things going on getting my attentionDSC_0360 DSC_0359
Staying occupied while Mom took pictures of the youth working
Meet Mr. Chuck..we have the same hairstyle! 🙂
Those youth girls sure are good at making me smile. 🙂
Gram and Pap sharing some love with me!
Silly PawPaw was trying to get me to say his name. 🙂
I felt so comfortable with Candi, I spit up on every outfit she had. 🙂
IMG_0729 IMG_0736
MawMaw got to meet me for the first time!
I may look like I don’t like sweet potatoes, but I LOVE them and I’m just sleepy here.
Some things that I love lately are: playing pat-a-cake, Mom running with me in the stroller, being outside, playing with Mom and Dad, taking a bath, and being in just my diaper.
Some things I dislike: THE CAR SEAT, THE CAR SEAT, and THE CAR SEAT!
Did I mention that I don’t like the car seat? If not, I really don’t like my car seat. Like I said earlier, I will mention more above traveling for the holidays in my next blog.
I pushed Mom on the verge of tears when we traveled alone to Abbeville for missions weekend. Needless to say, she asked someone to ride back with us to Jasper. I was happy to have Cara as my backseat buddy. Thanks again, Cara!
Well, see you guys on the blogosphere soon!
Grace & Peace-Cam

{Cam-Three Months}

I am now 3 months old! Whoa time is flying by and it especially has this month with how busy Mom and Dad have made me. This has been a good and fun month for me.
Comparison picture. 🙂IMG_0434Just to make you swoon a little 😉
We have made trips to Birmingham, been to Curry volleyball and football games, had visitors every week, and took a trip to MiMi and Poppa’s house in Eufaula.
We stopped by AUM to see Uncle Ethan for a few minutes.
IMG_0340I ride in style these days.
Pap has came to visit a couple of times because he has been working in town. Poppa and NaeNae came to visit one weekend, too! They brought Dad a new grill so we had a fun time grilling and watching football together that weekend.
Aunt Teara rocking me to sleep.
Me and Alexis playing on the floor.
Pap is having a good time with me.
My time in Eufaula was great! I got to meet my Uncle Tyler, Aunt Sam, and cousin Alexis. Alexis wasn’t too sure about me at first but she warned up to me and has a lot to teach me. We had a lot of fun hanging out and talking with everyone. I think everyone got a turn putting me to sleep for a nap. They all seemed okay to cuddle with me for a little while.
You may be wondering if I have become a better traveler for Mom and Dad. The answer that question is that it has gotten a little better but I’m a much better traveler at night because I get to sleep for the ride. 🙂 And I really like my sleep!
Tummy timing it like a boss.
Dad taught me how to stick my tongue out.
I learned to roll over this month but have only done it twice. (I want to make it a big deal so I make sure there is enough time in between these big ordeals.) Oh and it probably doesn’t help matters that my parents started shouting and screaming the first time I did it either. They sure are some silly people. I also found my hands and like to put them in my mouth and suck on my fists. Mom sure watches me like a hawk and swoops in to grab my yummy hands out of mouth every stinkin’ time!  What am I going to do with this woman?!
Speaking of Mom..she sure can get weepy every time I do something new these days. She keeps making comments about “stay little”, “stop growing up”, and “you’re too small to be doing this”. C’mon woman..a guy has got to grow and move onto other things!!
I can now sit in my Bumbo seat. I like to sit in there and look around the room. It gives me a whole new perspective of the room. Also, I only like to sit for just a little while because I would rather stand up. When people try to sit me in their laps I like to straighten my legs to where I can stand and to let them know I don’t want to sit right then. Also, I’ve been teething for a little while and it is my top incisors. I know, I know you people think that it’s “too early” for me to have teeth and you keep telling my parents that I’m “making room for another baby”. BUT let me tell you something..I have got to grow up sometime (which is what I keep telling Mom) and there ain’t gonna be no other baby around here for while if I have anything to do with it. I’m all Mom can handle for a while. 🙂
In other news, I think I’m allowed to say that I’m sleeping through the night since I have done it for a week straight now. I usually go to sleep between 8:30-9:30 and Mom “dreamfeeds” me around 10 or 10:30 and I sleep until 6:30(sometimes 6 and other times 7). I made the parentals pretty proud on that one! Because of how well I’m sleeping at night I usually wake up in super great moods but I cannot speak about the 2% of the times when I don’t wake up in a good mood. 🙂
Some things that I enjoy these days are: play time with Mom and Dad, bath time (I’m learning to splash Mommy and it’s a lot of fun), looking at myself in the mirror, looking out windows, being outside, and pulling people’s hair and Dad’s beard.
Some things I don’t enjoy quite as much: being left alone, put on the floor without anyone to play with, that dreadful car seat, and being without my Mommy. (Yes, I am a “Momma’s boy”. And Mom seems to be okay with that.)
Well I gotta go and do some more growing up before next month!
Grace and Peace- Cam
P.S.- I bought a house. It’s the one we have been living in since moving to Jasper but we closed on it this past Monday. Finally homeowners!!
IMG_0406 IMG_0391

{My Sweet Cam}

My sweet Cam:

You have been in our world for 12 weeks now. 12 weeks. Wow! This has been the fastest, craziest, most eventful, and most full of blessings quarter of a year of my entire life.
I learn more and more about you every day. Your personality is starting to shine as for the most part you are a happy baby boy. You have a mighty big temper at times when you kick and flail your arms and legs all the while screaming to the top of your lungs. 🙂 You love to smile at me and Daddy. And sometimes you laugh at us, but you laugh the most in your sleep when you dream sweet dreams.
You talk more and more each day and it is absolutely precious. I try to teach you how to say “hey”, “Momma”, and “Daddy”. I also try to share the gospel with you on a daily basis. I know you are so young and it is probably hard to understand anything I say right now, but it is important for you to know. It is important for you to know that God thought of you..He thought of you before the foundations of the world. God knew what day and time you would be born just like He knew He would send His Son to live a perfect life and die for all of our sins. We pray that you would come to know the Lord at an early age and do great things for His kingdom.
You made me a Mom, sweet boy. It has been the hardest job I have ever known. It has also been the best job I have ever known. You have the been one of the biggest blessings I have ever had and one of the most sanctifying things in my life. I have learned just how selfish I am and how deep my love can go. There have been days that are so long, but time is flying by. The saying is really true: “The days are long but the years are short.”
You cried real tears for the first time this past week and to be honest I cried tears right along with you because it broke my heart to see you actually cry. Speaking of crying, you are really becoming a “Momma’s boy”. I am a fan of this for sure. I have left you in the nursery a few times now, but the last time you gave the ladies in the nursery a run for their money. But you were fine as soon as you saw me and were placed in my arms. This also broke my heart, but made feel like a good mom at the same time.
I know you love me but you love your Daddy just as much. I love to watch the two of you play and talk together. You guys are really good at staring contests. You always win though because you don’t blink. 🙂
The past 12 weeks have been full of me smiling and laughing at and with you. They have been full of panic when you choke while eating or on your spit-up. Full of growth of you physically and me emotionally and mentally. They have been full of joy watching you grow. Full of tears from hormones to hard days to exhaustion to you growing and able to do new things. These past 12 weeks have been the best 12 weeks of our lives!
We rejoice in the Lord for your birth and life,Cam Mathis! We look forward to all the days, weeks, months, and years that the Lord Jesus blesses us with with you in our lives. Thank you for being you and letting your personality shine through your eyes, smiles, and laughter each day.
I love you baby boy.

Cam’s Birth Story

As most of you know my pregnancy was high-risk due to my heart condition and hypertension. My doctor throughout the past nine months watched me closely. That means that I had doctor appointments more often than a normal pregnant woman and the last trimester my appointments lasted a long time due to having non-stress tests done to check on our sweet baby boy. Also, I had extra ultrasounds done to check on Cam’s weight, which is due to my stomach measuring a few weeks behind where it should be. I knew before I got pregnant what pregnancy “might” look like for me and I was told I would more than likely have to have a c-section. My pregnancy started off really rough with being sick 6-8 times per day until about week 27 and then it got better and the last few weeks I really struggled with insomnia, back pain, and getting sick again.

The last two weeks of my pregnancy I landed in labor and delivery 3 times and the saying is true for me that the third time is the charm. The first time was due to having really high blood pressure for a few days in a row, the second was due to me becoming sick again and showing signs of pre-eclampsia, and the last time was to “possibly induce” after checking my blood pressure and blood work.

My last time in labor and delivery is where Cam’s birth story begins. Two days before being induced I could not get my blood pressure to come down for anything. I was taking extra doses of medicine on top of my medicine already being increased. I also started having this burning sensation in my upper right abdomen a few weeks before but it was getting worse and worse. All of these things were taken into consideration when my doctor was trying to decide on whether to induce me or not. Dr. Golden had my best interest in mind when making the decision and truly did not want to do it unless it was medically necessary and he didn’t think it would end in a c-section. He didn’t want me to have a c-section and I definitely didn’t want to have a c-section. (Not that there is anything wrong with that way of delivery, I just know the recovery process is longer and more extensive.) My blood work came back and my platelet count was extremely low. When Dr. Golden found that out he sent me from triage to a delivery room. Tim and I started making phone calls and sending texts to family and friends that I would be induced that day.

In the midst of all this going on, I receive the “heartbreaking” news that I would not be able to have an epidural due to my platelet count being low and the risk of paralysis. I say that this was “heartbreaking” because any time that I imagined my delivery it was never without pain medication. After the doctors and nurses left the room, I turned to Tim and said, “ I cannot do this without an epidural. Tell them I want a c-section.” Tim kindly reminded me that I could deliver this baby without an epidural and he told me of my words of how bad I didn’t want a c-section.

The nurse started me on pitocin about 11:30 AM and I started feeling major contractions 1 ½ minutes apart right away. Also, Dr. Golden inserted a foley bulb to help dilate me more and progress labor along. This went on for about four hours before I asked the nurse for some type of pain medicine. I tried to go as long as I could without anything in my system. She asked what amount of dosage I wanted and I asked for the lowest dose to start with and I would go up as needed. She came back and started it in my IV line and the room started spinning right away. Tim asked me if I was okay due to looking around like I was crazy and the nurse told me “just go with it”. (Later Tim told me that I looked stoned and completely out of it and was laughing and saying crazy things to him.) The medicine definitely helped take the edge off of things while I still felt the contractions every minute by this point.


After receiving the pain medicine, my second set of blood work came back and they had made a mistake with my first set and my platelet count was in the normal range, which means I can have “the juice” AKA an epidural!

When I progressed to 4 cm the foley bulb was taken out and Dr. Golden suggested that if I was to get an epidural I should do it then before he broke my water. I received the epidural gladly around 7:00 PM that night and Dr. Golden broke my water at 7:30.

Family and friends were taking turns in and out of the delivery room from about 2:00 PM and on throughout the night. I progressed to 6 cm and got stuck there for a while. It was long enough that Dr. Golden mentioned that if I didn’t progress within the next 2 hours that I would unfortunately have to have a c-section. He and the nurse knew that is not what I wanted. Along with finding that out, we were told that Cam’s head wasn’t turned in the best way to have to him. Due to his being the “wrong” way I started experiencing intense back labor and my epidural began to wear off at this point of labor as well. The anastheologist came back in to give me more “juice” to help that go away. My nurse began positioning me in various positions in 30 minute intervals to get his head to turn around and progress my labor.

After everyone left the room I turned to Tim with tear-filled eyes and told him that I really didn’t want a c-section and I had labored for so long for it to end like this. We prayed and two hours later (4:00 AM) I had progressed from 6 cm to 9 cm. Once again, praise the Lord!! He answered our prayers each time. About one hour later I started feeling a lot of pressure that got progressively worse. I mentioned it to the nurse when it first started and she didn’t make much of it, which is understandable since I was in labor. Around 5:30 AM the pressure and back labor really set in and so did my tears. At 6:00 AM Tim knew I had reached my limit and hit my call button for our nurse. When they asked what I needed, Tim responded with “We need to have a nurse in here now”. This was during shift change so Dr. Golden came in with his cup of coffee and made a joke about there being no help around during shift change and then quickly put down his cup of coffee when he saw me crying and in pain. He checked me and said, “Oh, there’s his head..it is pushing time.” Tim sent a text to our family and friends waiting at 6:03 AM. The nurses started coming in and told me to push while Dr. Golden got on his scrubs. I pushed 5 times and at 6:08 AM the most precious and sweetest baby boy was born and laid in my arms! Tim and I just looked at each other and at Cam. What a special and incredible moment/experience!! He was/is the most handsome baby boy I have ever laid my eyes on!


Cam whimpered a little bit and then the next thing I know the nurses pick him up and call the doctor over to where they were with him because he wasn’t breathing. Tim had gotten the camera out by this time and was with him taking pictures. I couldn’t see what was going on, but I knew by the look on Tim’s face that he was scared and I was too. I could hear the nurses and doctor encouraging Cam to breathe and I just prayed for him. He finally decided to start breathing on his own, praise the Lord! Apparently he was exhausted from a long labor, which played into us having to stay in the delivery room a few extra hours before sending us to recovery. The nurses and doctors kept coming in monitoring his breathing and my blood pressure took a major spike during that time as well, which also kept us in that room. The plus side of all that was the fact that Cam and I were able to do skin to skin for a few hours instead of just one. So, we had some extra bonding time. 🙂 Cam and I both started recovering better from a long 24 hours by this point and were moved to another room.



Tim was great at encouraging me through the whole process of labor and delivery. There were several times where I started wondering if I could actually deliver a baby and he urged me onward. I definitely couldn’t have done it without him by my side. 🙂


Cam’s stats were: born at 6:08 AM, 8lbs 1oz, 21 inches long

Cam has decided to follow in the footsteps of his friends, Haddon and Judson, and update you monthly on his life and experiences through his view. So be on the lookout later this month for a blog from Mr. Cam Mathis and what all he has been up to since July 22nd.

What a Big Boy We Have!

Last week our doctor ordered an ultrasound be done on me due to concern of my size this far along in pregnancy. He wanted to make sure Cam wasn’t “too small” or “low on amniotic fluid”. So on top of my regular check-up and already scheduled non-stress test we had an ultrasound to do as well. I was excited about the ultrasound because we hadn’t seen him since 27 weeks and that ultrasound was just for fun. 🙂

We went back for the ultrasound first and the tech asked why the doctor had ordered it and we told her and she said she understood and just wanted to double-check. She turned on the big screen tv for us to look at and started doing her thing. She found his head first and I kept seeing “EDD: 7/11/14” each of the 6 times she measured it. I knew “EDD” meant “Estimated Due Date”..so I asked her, “Does this mean Cam’s due date should be tomorrow??” She told us that estimate was based on just his head size, but if his stomach and femur bone measured about the same then I was hiding a mighty big baby. She then measured his abdomen and femur bone. And guess what?!?!…At 37.5 weeks I have an 8 lb little man inside of me!! Shocked was not the word for the occasion.

The ultrasound tech said if she hadn’t actually done with scan she would not believe me if I told her I had an 8 lb baby on the inside of me. I probably wouldn’t believe me either, but it is true. She also told us that she prides herself in never being more than a couple of ounces off on the estimated weights she gives. Ha! She also told us that if I went another 2 weeks of pregnancy that she can see me having a 9 or 10 lb baby on my hands. So much for thinking he was a small little squirt! 🙂

We then saw the doctor and he looked over the ultrasound report and his words were: “Here we were concerned that he was too small and look how big he is measuring!” He measured my fundal height like every other appointment and as he was measuring he said, “You are doing a really good job at hiding a big baby.” Haha! We are glad that Cam is healthy and chunky. I think “healthy” (fat/chunky) babies are super cute anyways…plus the fact he is my own will make him even more adorable. Fact.

I’m still progressing along in pregnancy and my blood pressure is still running consistently high, but I don’t think there is much other they can do at this point. If he doesn’t come on his own this week, then we will more than likely schedule a date for next week to be induced. BUT we have been trying every home remedy possible to bring him on in the world the past few days. (I have more motivation than ever before to get him out since finding out how big he is and how big he could possibly be in a short amount of time!)

We ask that you pray for a healthy baby boy, mom, and delivery. We know that the Lord knows exactly when he will enter into the world, but we are anxious for his arrival and to bring him to his new home in Jasper. So we are also praying that he will arrive very soon.

P.S.- Sorry for no ultrasound pictures this go-around. We have a couple but with him being head down and crammed the picture quality isn’t very good and hard to make out what everything is. We hope to have some NEWBORN pictures of our boy SOON! 🙂

Nearing the End..37 Weeks

Yesterday officially marked us at 37 weeks! Wow! This pregnancy has flown by in the grand view of things, but has really slowed down for me since May. Being out of my internship with not much to keep me busy has dragged things along. I feel like the more people ask us how much longer the longer it takes to go by. Ha! We have been blessed to make it this far in the pregnancy without any major complications or setbacks.

At 37 weeks Cam should be about 6.5 pounds (give or take) and close to 20 inches long (again, give or take). We should have a better idea of his weight come Thursday this week. The doctor wants to check my amniotic fluid and Cam’s weight to make sure my blood pressure isn’t affecting his growth. At my doctor’s appointment last week, everything went well except it had to be around 100 degrees in there because their a/c was broken! What worse place for an a/c to break than a doctor’s office full of pregnant women in the summer time?! 🙂 I had another non-stress test and again it was so great to listen to his heart rate for so long. We are pretty sure Cam gets scared when I laugh because his heart rate always jumps up at first then goes back down after he realizes what the sound is. 🙂

My blood pressure has been consistently running high and I’m doing all I can to stay sitting most of the day. I cannot imagine how high it would be if I was actually active. I check my blood pressure throughout the day and take extra doses of medication to try to knock it down some, but the extra doses of meds are starting to not work anymore. With all that said, I have known since before I was pregnant with my heart condition and blood pressure issues that the doctors wouldn’t let me go the full 40 weeks due to the strain it would put on me and the baby. So with another ultrasound, non-stress test, and regular check-up, I have a really long doctor’s appointment this week and we should be given a date that they will induce me.

It is absolutely crazy to think about, almost unfathomable, how out little man could be here ANY DAY now!! We are so ready to see him and hold him. I cannot wait to steal his first kiss and love on him! I’ve been trying to tell him that he can come out and play any time now. 🙂 He has been head down for a while now and things are progressing well for him to get this show on the road and come into the world. We ask that you pray for a safe delivery and healthy baby and mom.

Again, thank you for your prayers for us during this time of transition and getting prepared to move to a new place. We are officially in a contract for our new home and the home inspection should be happening in the next couple of days. Pending the inspection we should be good to go and get things moving along in closing on the house. We are hoping and praying that it moves along faster than other closings because there is no one living in the home and it would make it easier on us to move in as quickly as possible.

We are excited and thrilled about all of these things happening in our lives and trying to remain excited about them without becoming overwhelmed of everything happening at once. 🙂

The End of Our Waiting…

Well as most of your know the wait for the Mathii is over! Praise be unto the Lord! He answered our prayers and your prayers in His time and in His great and mighty way! We are SO excited to be a part of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Jasper, AL! Tim is now the new student minister of Mt. Vernon.

For those of you who know our story, you know that we started putting in Tim’s resume and talking with churches in November of last year. That might seem early to some people because he didn’t graduate until mid-May, but looking back at things now we are glad we started the process so early and we are thankful that no other church worked out because it is God’s plan that we be at Mt. Vernon. In hindsight you can the Lord’s hand in every step of our lives in the past 7 months. We see now why God has chosen for us to be Mt. Vernon and we are thrilled about the work ahead of us at this awesome church!

We can finally tell everyone what this process of how Tim started the process with Mt. Vernon the first week of May. We found out about this church through me looking at the Alabama Baptist staffing website. We had been in the talks with several churches throughout the semester, but had not heard from any church the two weeks prior to May. So, being the planner I am I was curious to see what could possibly be out there for us and got to searching. (Ha!) Tim came home that day and I told him there were several full-time student pastor positions available and showed him their websites. He decided to go out on a limb and email the pastor of Mt. Vernon and send his resume. Tim didn’t think he would hear back from him because we hadn’t heard back from many other pastors/churches during this process of searching. BUT! Brother John emailed him back the next day and told him he would call him that week. And he did call him! (We are thankful during this whole process that Brother John actually did what he said he would do. You have no idea how encouraging that was to us!)

When Bro. John called Tim we were at our favorite restaurant, Chicken Salad Chick, to grab some lunch. Tim’s phone started ringing and we saw that it was a Jasper, AL number and I told him, “You gotta answer it! I’ll get our food.” I ended up eating lunch by myself that day because of the conversation they had and it was well worth me eating by myself that day. (Haha!) Bro. John told Tim that he would give his resume to the search committee and wanted to have lunch sometime the next week. Well, the next week Tim met him for lunch in Birmingham for a few hours. Within that conversation he found out the search committee would be calling his references that week and the ball started rolling for us at this point. By this point we were getting to mid-May and we were on Lakeview’s staff retreat when we found out the committee voted for us to come for a Wednesday to interview and for Tim to preach to and hang out with the youth group. We traveled to Jasper on June 11th and had a great day of getting to know the people of Mt. Vernon. The next day we drove around Jasper and Curry to see what the area had to offer and look at some possible homes and see the lake. It was during these 2 days that we grew in our affections for this church and community. We could see ourselves being a part of the ministry, church, and town.

It was one week later that Tim got the phone call that the committee voted for us to come for a weekend to meet with committees and for the church to vote on Tim to be new the student minister. Talk about a great phone call!! We were overjoyed to find out this information! Through every step of this process I could see the burden of having a job being lessened on my husband. Finally, we traveled once again to Jasper this past Friday to meet with a real estate agent to start looking at homes so that we could have some idea of what we wanted if the vote went through Sunday night. Saturday was full of meeting with various committees including the children, personnel, youth, and stewardship committees. We were able to meet more of the youth and some youth parents that night through an open gym and dinner night. In all of these meetings Tim was asked a lot of questions of what our ministry would like and what events we wanted to do with and through the youth. Sunday came around and we were introduced during both morning services and were a part of the young couples Sunday school class. We had lunch with the staff and their wives and were able to rest for a little bit that afternoon. Then, we met with the deacons for a meeting and then the youth for a question and answer time for them to get to know Tim better.

For the Sunday night service Tim shared his testimony, call to ministry, and what we desire to do for the Lord through ministry with the church body. After that we were sent to the library for the church to conduct a business meeting to vote on whether to call us to the church or not. It was an exciting, yet peaceful 35 minute wait. 🙂 One of the search committee members came to get us and told what the vote was and we were brought before the church body and gladly accepted the position of minister of students!! Ahhh!! 🙂 The works of Tim’s labor and diligence to the Lord finally came to fruition in that moment. Not only did it come to fruition for us, but it came to fruition for the search committee because they have been on the search for a student pastor for almost 2 years.

We spent Monday and Tuesday looking at more houses and ironing out some details of what things will be like until we close on a house. Our new church family has embraced us and are doing so much for us to make our transition as easy as possible, especially since we will have a newborn on our hands VERY SOON! We have a place to store our things and fully furnished to basement to live in until we can move into our own home. SO thankful!! Our plan is to move there as soon as our boy makes his grand arrival!

We want to thank you for your faithful prayers during this time of looking and searching for a church home. We thank you for your encouragement throughout the waiting. We are in great debt to our family and friends who have allowed us to stay in their homes since May because we have been quite the nomads the past 2 months. 🙂 Again, thank you for everything!!